60 is the New 30

My mom’s 60th birthday weekend is upon us! Today she and I had an adventure day at all of her favorite places in San Diego 🙂 Well, most of her favorite places: Seaport Village, Balboa Park, and the Zoo! We started out the day by having lunch at the Greek Cafe in Seaport Village, she goes there for her pre-birthday lunch every year. We both had a huge plate of gyros and greek salad, and DEMOLISHED everything. SO good.

Then we walked along the bay a bit (I made her wear this super cute red outfit, and I brought my camera for fun photoshoot photos of how good 60 looks 😉 ) And got cookies at this little lighthouse shaped cookie place also in Seaport Village.

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WEATHER: Sunny as always in San Diego. We just got through an intense heat wave where the highs were 90 during the day…ever since I moved back to California I’ve been toggling between Portland and San Diego on the weather app and I’m missing the 55 degree rainy spring mornings! I at least wish we had some clouds here and there.

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Five Ways to Make Life a Little More Interesting

Living in San Diego, CA sounds like a dream for many, many people. And I don’t blame them! We have amazing beaches, perfect sunny-and-75 weather almost all year round (I’m looking at you, May through June Gloom), enough beach bars and restaurants to last you through your 20’s, and LA is right up the 5 — which means Disneyland! As amazing as my hometown may be, I got tired of it real quick. Now before you close this tab and think how dare I get tired of San Diego *gasp!* let me explain 😀

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