The Story


Favorite Things
my husband, cooking, doing handstands, my cat Winston, staying out late, homemade brownies, & photography

I was born and raised in the Golden state of California, in sunny-beach-town San Diego. After I graduated from San Diego State University in 2012 with an Art degree and a minor in wanderlust, I didn’t hesitate to stuff my tiny red car (Red Rocket, as some may know her by) with everything I owned to follow my heart to the Northwest where the mountains had been calling me to go for quite some time.

After making my home in Vancouver (Washington, not Canada…everyone always asks!) my love for the Northwest lifestyle and scenery grew immensely. For the sake of adventure and living in a new place, I decided to redefine myself and my mission for personal success and happiness: I landed an amazing internship as a city event planner, became an in-demand fitness instructor for three major community centers, continued work as a wedding photographer all throughout California, Oregon and Washington, worked in kid’s ministry at my church, oh and I also decided I would apply for a masters degree. Not ambitious at all right? Riiiight.

becca picture.JPG

It is also during this time where I met the love of my life, John Allegri. When I first saw him in late 2013, I just k n e w he was my “the one.” Our friendship snowballed into love, and we started dating in Spring 2014. When I found out I was accepted into San Diego State University for graduate school a month later, John told me he wanted to marry me and was was going to move to California with me so we could be together. True love really does exist, people. ❤

Fast forward three years: while John is working as a bio-process/pharmaceutical technician at Genentech, I’m enjoying being a new mom to our sweet baby girl Elizabeth June who arrived earth side on 7-7-17 ❤ I spend my free time decorating our apartment, designing fun and vibrant accessories for my etsy shop Stick & Stone Co., and adventuring around Southern California with my hubby.  Want to know more? Send me a message and let’s chat!


THE MINI APARTMENT – “a little space for a lot of life.” Having lived in 5 different places in the last 5 years, I have come to realize that it is not the size of the space that brings contentment, but what you do within it to cultivate happiness – that is what really matters. The Mini Apartment exists to inspire, encourage, uplift, and help you through your own endeavors as you learn how to live vibrantly, stay happy, and stay sane as you embark throughout life’s wonderful journeys. Staying true to yourself while chasing your dreams is something I have always been passionate about. With a camera in one hand and the other on the wheel, I believe that no adventure is too far out of reach to take. So come along on my adventures, the best is yet to be!

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