WEATHER: Sunny as always in San Diego. We just got through an intense heat wave where the highs were 90 during the day…ever since I moved back to California I’ve been toggling between Portland and San Diego on the weather app and I’m missing the 55 degree rainy spring mornings! I at least wish we had some clouds here and there.


LISTENING: I just discovered Johanna Warren, her voice is like butter and I love her melodies! Her songs make me think of wandering through sunkissed forests while the sun sets (listen to her song Everyone I Know and tell me she doesn’t make you want to wander through a forest). And of course she would be from Portland, just like my other favorite girl Amy Seeley (listen to her song Gravel Lines).

READING: John just bought me another book by one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman. The book is called Neverwhere, and it’s about this guy living in London who is dissatisfied with his life and stumbles upon a girl named Lady Door who is from the London Underground, a place in between worlds. The story is about his adventures with her, and I could NOT put it down! So good.


FEELING: Finally back to my old self after being sick with a bad cold all week! My cough is finally going away, thank goodness. I only get sick maybe once a year, but every time it happens I get the worst of it.

WANTING TO: Go to Disneyland again! John and I just went on Monday for the first time together, and we are planning on going again for my 26th birthday in 2.5 weeks. Gosh then I’ll be in my “late twenties”, Ahhh 😀


PLANNING: A very, very big surprise for my mom, for her 60th birthday!! I won’t share details here yet in case she’s reading this post, but all I’ll say is she has NO idea what’s coming 😉 ❤

DAYDREAMING: About traveling. I haven’t ever been outside the US, and really want to go somewhere on an adventure with my camera and with John. I’d love to see/visit all my favorite museums along the East Coast (as well as in Chicago), visit Europe, go on a cruise somewhere…


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