DIY Wooden Playhouse Makeover Reveal

playhouse makeover diyI am SO excited to share all the details for our DIY wooden playhouse makeover! This playhouse has been a labor of love for a few weeks now, and it’s finally complete. It turned out so whimsical and lovely and functional, and is a dream to give to our girls to play in. This project was so much fun to take on! My husband and I both put our hard work and love into every detail to make it happen, and agree that we need to do DIY projects together more often 🙂

In this post I will be sharing all of our tips, hacks, decor ideas, issues we ran into, and helpful things we learned along the way. I also have a super informative highlight bubble saved on Instagram of our entire DIY process, and those stories are where I went into more detail about the steps in constructing the playhouse.

Keep reading for how we hacked a basic wooden playhouse and turned it into a whimsical, colorful, garden-inspired bungalow! Continue reading

Easter Bunny Garland Activity For Kids

easter bunny wall garland diy activity for kidsI made this DIY Easter bunny garland activity with my toddler and she loved it! I shared how to create this DIY on my Instagram stories the other week and it was a huge hit with everyone. Making your own decor is so rewarding and sentimental, and your kids will love it even more knowing they helped make it with their favorite person.

This Easter bunny garland is an incredibly easy and a very fun activity for kids. My toddler did everything herself except cut out the bunny shapes and use the glue gun – I even let her do the glitter, knowing full well I would end up with a glittery mess afterward. Anything to create those magical memories while we’re staying at home!

Follow my tutorial on Insta if you’re a visual person, or go through the steps below for how to create this garland yourself 🙂 Continue reading

How To Create An Easter Basket On A Budget

how to create a diy easter basket on a budgetEarlier this week on Instagram I shared an easy to make, budget-friendly, DIY Easter basket that I put together for $0 bucks!! I made two of them for both of my daughters, with items I already had on hand at home.

Due to the unforeseen financial hit that a lot of us are experiencing because of quarantine and job loss  (or cut in hours), I wanted to create a resourceful and intentional Easter basket that won’t leave you feeling stretched or guilty for spending a lot of extra money on. Continue reading

How To Live Your Best Life During Quarantine

how to live your best life during quarantineThis blog post will be sharing all I do as a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom to create a loose structure to my day! As well as an abundance of ideas on how to live your best life during quarantine. Our main goal as a family during quarantine is to grow closer together, an to take advantage of this abundant togetherness we have. It’s been a challenge to make the most of each day when we can’t go to all our usual spots outside, but we’ve made do with what we have and got creative 🙂

I hope this post inspires and equips you with realistic ideas and inspiration that will manifest joy, togetherness, creativity, and appreciation in your home during this COVID19 quarantine — and after! Feel free to check out my stay-in story highlight on instagram for tons more ideas on how we do a typical day indoors, too.

I know it’s not easy to be inside all day (as in, not going to our usual spots and keeping a social life and not hanging out with anyone outside of who lives with us). But we must do this for the greater good, and it soon will pass. Let’s make the time we have indoors purposeful and intentional so we can come out of this strong, and still sane!

I’ve also included a free download of our daily homeschool routine
for you to create your own block schedule with!
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The Biggest and Best Library Book Haul

library booksWe love going to the library for new books, and right now I have 30 checked out!! And I wish I could buy every single one of them – we definitely struck gold with this specific haul. Every book we checked out is SO GOOD! I’ve compiled an awesome and massive list of the books we have right now, and the themes focus on nature, friendship, learning, development, compassion, and all things Spring.

I love finding children’s books that are beautifully illustrated, are educational, engaging, have an enchanting narrative, and teach about valuable morals and character traits. And every single one of these books check all those boxes! Maybe I will buy them all after all 😀

I shared details about the books we have on my Instagram stories today. And as promised, here is the shoppable list of every single one! I also threw in some other favorite books of ours, just for fun.

I just found out today that our local library will be closing its doors until early April. I’m so bummed! But I’m also feeling like we definitely have more than enough books to get us through til then haha! If you can’t make it to your library, you can still get these books delivered through Amazon (and they’re all reasonably priced too!). I’ve included all the individual links below, or you can see them all on my Shop Page 🙂 I also have a section dedicated to my own favorite books. Happy reading!

The best (and biggest) library book haul we’ve ever done:
The Rabbit Listened
Little Cloud
Big Book of Birds
Big Book of the Blue
Big Book of Bugs
The Little Gardener
Because of an Acorn
Builders and Breakers
Mighty, Mighty Construction Site
Let’s Build
In A Jar
ABC Yoga
Bunny’s Book Club
Big Cat
Story Boat
The Girl and the Dinosaur
Little Mouse’s Big Breakfast
Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring
Ball and Balloon
Over and Under the Pond
This Moose Belongs to Me
What Color Is Night?

Other children’s books we love:
The Big Umbrella
Be Kind
Bear Series (Box 1)
Bear Series (Box 2)
Cat & Bunny
The Keeper of Wild Words
The Hike
Tiny, Perfect Things
The Climbing Tree
Little Acorn
Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
Tiny T-Rex and the Impossible Hug
Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt
Here and Now
Her Body Can
Brilliant Bugs / Dinosaurs / Night Animals
Carl and the Meaning of Life

Our favorite books for potty training:
Poop or get off the potty
Goldilocks and the just right potty (our fav!)
Whose poop is that?
A potty for me

If you grab any of these books for your kiddo, tag me in your Instagram stories showing what book(s) you got! ❤