60 is the New 30

My mom’s 60th birthday weekend is upon us! Today she and I had an adventure day at all of her favorite places in San Diego 🙂 Well, most of her favorite places: Seaport Village, Balboa Park, and the Zoo! We started out the day by having lunch at the Greek Cafe in Seaport Village, she goes there for her pre-birthday lunch every year. We both had a huge plate of gyros and greek salad, and DEMOLISHED everything. SO good.

Then we walked along the bay a bit (I made her wear this super cute red outfit, and I brought my camera for fun photoshoot photos of how good 60 looks 😉 ) And got cookies at this little lighthouse shaped cookie place also in Seaport Village.

Then we headed to Balboa park and took more photos, and went to the Natural History Museum (because I am a museum fiend and she had two free passes) 😀 We liked the dinosaur exhibit the most.

Side note: there’s this cute hidden gem of a place in Balboa that I haven’t been able to stumble upon in all my years living in San Diego, that has cute old colorful tile all over the ground and WE FINALLY FOUND WHERE THIS SECRET PLACE IS YAAAAY ❤


Then we walked to the Zoo from the park (and walked right in because we’re members, duh) for ice cream and a walk through fern whateverit’scalled path for more pictures. We ended the day with ice cream before heading back home to get ready for Good Friday service. Such a fun day, and her birthday weekend has only just begun! 😉 ❤

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