Five Ways to Make Life a Little More Interesting

Living in San Diego, CA sounds like a dream for many, many people. And I don’t blame them! We have amazing beaches, perfect sunny-and-75 weather almost all year round (I’m looking at you, May through June Gloom), enough beach bars and restaurants to last you through your 20’s, and LA is right up the 5 — which means Disneyland! As amazing as my hometown may be, I got tired of it real quick. Now before you close this tab and think how dare I get tired of San Diego *gasp!* let me explain 😀


Being a photographer, I am always looking for new things to photograph, and fresh ways to photograph what has already been photographed…it’s been this way ever since I could drive myself around. I’ve gone all over San Diego in every nook and cranny, covered (most of) the Anza Boreggo Desert, I’ve “done LA” several times and have even “done TJ/Mexico” a couple times. And let me tell ya, this desert scenery and sunny, cloudless-sky weather got old quick — to me at least. I needed change! I needed “real” seasons! I needed more ground to cover!!

Blame it on my wanderlust heart and my travel bug, but I have been wanting to get out of this city for years and I finally did, and was loving it!!!!……Only to get accepted into grad school right back in San Diego after 2 years of being in a completely new state and atmosphere. Sigh! Another adventure right?


The point is we can get pretty tired of the same ol’ stuff happening in our same ol’ lives to where we are itching (or even dying) to get away for a weekend or for the summer or for good to someplace new, where no one knows us, and where we can have a fresh start on hobbies, life, and sometimes even friends.

For those of us who don’t exactly have the means to up and leave, here’s a list of 5 things to do right now (or over Summer) that will make your life a little more interesting!

1. I love this site. It’s so cool and packed with TONS of ideas of things to do in your own city! Meet up is basically a big hangout you can join in on, on your schedule. There’s groups like backpacking clubs, outdoor yoga, women over 40 happy hour, CoEd kickball clubs, and tons more. And most of them are either free or under $10 bucks per class! Plus you get to meet cool new people like yourself :]

2. Get a new hobby. Have you ever wanted to try running but keep putting off your couch-to-5k training? Or wanted to try rock climbing but none of your friends do it? The best way to add some interest to your life is to try new things, even if it means by yourself at first. Nowadays, you can google how-to videos on YouTube for pretty much everything there is to learn. It’s how I taught myself to knit and crochet (because just like you, I was bored on my days off and didn’t know what to do with myself)! Try it out and invite your friends to try it as well :]

3. Get involved. I can just hear you right now, “community service? yuck.” Except this my friends is quite opposite! If you have a passion for recycling and composting, why not join a gardening society or trash pickup club? There’s also the Surfrider Foundation (a favorite of mine), where you can do tons of stuff to maintain oceanlife awareness and beach cleanliness. Volunteering anywhere will humble you, give you awareness about how small you are in a world that needs saving, and is overall good for the soul.

4. Take a trip. What better way to get that travel bug out of your system for a bit than an overnight or weekend trip somewhere within driving distance (or flying, if you have dat money doe)? Find a cheap or free campsite and bring a few friends. Or, head to vegas for the weekend to…HIKE! Wait, what..? Hiking in Vegas? Yes, amazing trails exist up there and you don’t need to drop hundreds of bucks to do em. Or if you can wait a bit, save up for a trip to a national park with some friends for a few days.

5. Get off the couch. And go do something! Making life interesting does not require a ton of money, a ton of free time, or a ton of gas. Even though I am back in my hometown where I so longed to get away from in order to experience new things, I’m finding that I ammmmm enjoying being back. John lives in Escondido right now, and we hangout up there about twice a week. It’s not a place I usually frequented before I moved, but now that he’s living up there (he used to live closer to me but had to move up there for his job) we are finding all kinds of cool things to do that I haven’t ever done before such as free yoga on the beach, new restaurants in Carlsbad, hikes in Ramona, and cooking recipes we find on Pinterest (click here to see our favorite lunch and dinner ideas).

Life is already interesting and fun. You just have to realize it and stop complaining about what you wish you could be doing, and instead go do something about it! Even if it means doing the same thing a couple times over again.  Goodness knows I’ve been there done that. 🙂


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