Second Trimester Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

This post is sponsored by Pink Blush. All opinions and content are honest and my own. ❤

THE MINI APARTMENT - second trimester workouts you can do anywhere - sponsored by Pink Blush maternity clothes

Now that I’m in my second trimester (I’m 22 weeks now!), I’ve been devoting more time to working out and staying active. Whether it be going on walks outdoors or following fitness videos on YouTube, getting my sweat on is important to me to stay fit and healthy throughout this second pregnancy.

Only thing is, I was in desperate need of updating my active wear with pieces that actually fit. I’m growing a lot faster this time around, and my previous workout clothes from being pregnant with izzy were a bit snug and constricting, making it hard to get motivated to workout.

So when Pink Blush reached out to me to do a collaboration on dressing the bump, I was so excited to see what I could put together from their selection of trendy maternity clothes! I decided to go with maternity fitness clothing since it’s been a real struggle for me to find quality workout pieces that fit properly, were flattering, and stayed put while working out.

My goal with this second baby was to stick by a pregnancy-safe workout plan that I could do anywhere, with light equipment, and that was effective even if I was only working out for 10 minutes 3x a day. Because now that I have a toddler, making time to workout is a lot harder than it was before I had kids! If you have kids, breaking up your workout into chunks throughout the day will be easier to achieve than trying to workout for an hour straight.

I typically try to workout during izzy’s nap time, or in the morning while she’s eating breakfast. Taking the stroller out on a walk or to the park also allows me to get my cardio in while izzy enjoys the outdoors!

These Pink Blush maternity workout leggings did not disappoint when I put them to the test – they have kept everything in through squats, lunges, push ups, and stretching. I never have to pull them up or adjust the bump panel once! I love that they have a full panel that provides support and coverage, and the color is going to be fun to pattern mix with going into winter and spring.

This ruffle hoodie sweater has got to be my favorite item that I received from Pink Blush – it feels like you’re wearing a cloud! Seriously nothing compares to clothing that is soft, stretchy, comfy, and stylish while you’re pregnant. I’ve worn it over leggings, with shorts, jeans, and under a cozy vest so far. It even has pockets 🙂 These two pieces together worked really well for an everyday maternity workout outfit.

second trimester workouts you can do anywhere

My favorite type of workout is one where I don’t need the gym. I love getting outside to workout as much as I can, and do my best to make working out part of my weekly routine! I’ve rounded up my favorite pregnancy-safe workouts for a full-body workout routine you can do on the go, at home, or on a stroller walk around the park. These all can be modified to your own abilities depending on where you’re at in your pregnancy!

Modified Burpees
(rise onto toes instead of jump / step back into a plank / or do a push up on your knees / repeat)
Tricep Dips
(find a bench or use a chair / straighten legs and sink until your elbows bend to 45-90 degrees / push back up keeping shoulders down and core tight)
Bicep Curls
(use 5lb weights at home or two water bottles if you’re on the go, one arm at a time / bend at elbow 90 degrees / switch arms)
Lunges – walking, curtsy, or stationary
(start standing with feet hip width apart / step forward with one leg, bending 90 degrees at the knee / switch legs)
Wall Sits
(find a wall and place back against it / sink until you’re in a “sitting” position, knees at 90 degrees / hold for 30 second intervals)
Wall Push Ups
(find a wall or a bench / stand with legs hip width apart / press into a pushup keeping elbows at sides / repeat)
Squat with Overhead Press
(sink into a squat, knees not going over ankles / push back up to standing while pressing arms or weights above head / repeat)
Opposite Leg/Arm Reach
(go onto hands and knees, keeping a neutral spine and engaged core / extend left arm + right leg, hold for 2 breaths / release and switch to right arm + left leg, hold for 2 breaths / repeat)

sample full-body workout:

5 minute warm up to get heart rate up
10 each side – opposite arm/leg reach
10 wall/bench push ups
30 second wall sit
20 tricep dips
10 overhead press squats
30 second walking/cursty lunges
10 modified burpees
30 second wall sit
15 each side – bicep curls
5 minute cool down/stretching

^ Tricep Dips

^Modified Push-ups

^Walking Lunges

^Feeling the burrrn during Wall Sits

All photos done by Lauren Pollard Photography

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Special thanks to Shop Pink Blush for generously sponsoring this post.

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