My Word To Live By For This Year + 2018 Reflections and 2019 Goals

It’s the first Saturday of the new year! How have your first few days been? I hope you’re thriving and excited for what this year will bring you ❤ I would say that I am, despite this first week of the new year being a poo-show of one hard thing after another (read my Instagram post about what happened here, and find out how I’m “de-fogging” my motherhood goggles). But c’est la vie, I’d rather it all happen now rather than later on in the year!

Do you have a word picked out to live by for 2019? I started doing this last year with my word being intentional, and loved the opportunities it gave me to be more mindful and, well, intentional about the way I live my life in all aspects. This year, my word came to me after experiencing a lot of s t u f f that made me stop and realize I am worth more than I am giving myself credit for. It was high time to embrace feeling enough over feeling unworthy or like I’m always falling short of other’s (and my own) expectations.

word to live by in 2019: enough

The is the first day out of 365 chances for: new adventures / new (and second) chances / ways to make a difference, even if it’s the smallest one / learning when to say no /  realizing your worth / choosing joy / intentional mornings / time to create new passions / making new memories / new friendships / better decisions / opportunities to try something new / refocusing + recentering / rekindling / realizing that you are absolutely positively e n o u g h just as you are.

2018 reflections

  • Being honest and kind and vulnerable and brave are the best things you can be.
  • 365 continual days at home with my baby is the best way I’ve ever spent my time, ever.
  • Making new friends is scary and intimidating, but it could lead you to some of the best friendships that you didn’t realize you needed at this season in your life!
  • There is no reason to let your past affect your present. It’s water under the bridge, and you have a bridge for a reason. Walk over it, acknowledge that you’re on the other side, and don’t look back 🙂
  • Being able to work from home while taking care of your baby without needing to do childcare is the freaking greatest blessing ever.
  • Embrace the seasons, and learn to ebb & flow with change.
  • It’s OK to cry or feel sad. Letting it out, whatever you were holding onto that was affecting you negatively, is only going to do you good!
  • I am so spot on with my enneagram it’s not even funny (I’m type two). Finding out more about the inner workings of myself has helped me to have a better grasp + deeper understanding on why I am the way I am.

2019 Goals

  • Continue to live intentionally.
  • Embrace where I’m at, and find rest knowing that I am enough just as I am.
  • Commit to self-growth, self-care, and self-love.
  • Read/listen to/do one devotional a day.
  • Fully enjoy and take advantage of my time with izzy while it’s just me and her, until the baby comes in May!
  • Find time each day to journal.
  • Print out all my photos of izzy during her first year into photo albums before the second baby comes and I have zero time to do any of the things.
  • Blog once a week, and release new posts every Monday morning.
  • Deepen my friendships with my blogger girlfriends whom I met last year through Instagram. There’s nothing like building your community with like minded boss babes who genuinely support and encourage each other!
  • Read the books that have been sitting on my nightstand.
  • Go through my closet and purge one more time before I turn 30.
  • Upgrade to a “family” car that will fit a double stroller and at least two car seats.
  • Move into our very first real house by the end of the year!

why I chose “enough” as my word to live by

I felt this word and it’s meaning resting heavy on my heart the last 3 months or so, especially relating to where I search to find my worth and value while I’m on my platforms. I’ve met so many amazing girls here and on Instagram, and have decided that this is the year I will be focusing solely on connection + community. Sure growth is great, but that is not my “why” for being here. And this year, I want to go back to focusing on my “why” instead of letting the numbers game take over my mindset and purpose for putting out content.

In true Mini Apartment fashion, I want everything I publish here to be intentional, genuine, and a reflection of my heart to encourage and support you as we walk through the trenches of marriage and motherhood together. I also want to remind myself daily that I am enough just as I am, no matter how many followers or likes or shares I do or don’t have. I am finding resting in knowing that I don’t need any extra fluff in order to be and feel my best self. I think this is something we can all practice going into the new year!

💛 I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for each of you who follow me here! Thank you for sticking by me, for all your kind words, and for always encouraging me through my own journey as a wife and mother and blogger. Your support means more to me than you know! Happy 2019!!

PS: If you have a word to live by this year, I’d love to know what it is so I can encourage and support you through sticking by it throughout the year! Share it in the comments below 🙂

5 thoughts on “My Word To Live By For This Year + 2018 Reflections and 2019 Goals

  1. Esther Allegri says:

    Enough is a great word and I think about that often! My phrase for 2019 is self-care, not to be confused with selfish, but rather when my needs are met I can better take care of others. 💓


    • The Mini Apartment says:

      That is an amazing phrase to live by this year! Several of my friends are focusing on phrases too, I think yours is so spot on. Especially focusing on making sure your needs are met so that you can healthily pour out into other 🙂 ❤ xoxo


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