Baby #2 Gender Reveal! It’s A….

Today we went to lunch for my husband’s birthday with our whole family, and planned to reveal the gender to everyone at the restaurant. I ended up grabbing some balloons and an empty moving box to do a “balloon pop-up” reveal, which turned out great as a last minute DIY! The family votes were half for a boy, half for a girl — and on Instagram, the majority of you voted for team girl!

Now that we are finally sharing with everyone, I can finally say that I couldn’t be happier with what the outcome is of who is in my belly! ❤ Becaaaaaause it’s…..

…a(nother) girl!!!

This gender reveal was a lot more low-key than I had originally planned it to be, since I found myself in the ER for 3.5 days earlier this week thanks to a super bad stomach bug. John made the executive decision on Monday during my ultrasound in the hospital that we should just find out the gender right then and there to get some good news in light of me being a wreck….so we did!

I was half out of it during the gender ultrasound and kept falling asleep (thanks ER drugs), but it was sweet to find out right there with my hubby by my side. We were originally planning to be surprised and do a confetti pop, but finding out that way was just as special!

All I ever wanted growing up was to have a sister, because I had all brothers and all boy cousins. Not that there was anything wrong with that! But there’s just something so special about having a sister – like a built-in best friend who will be by your side forever, to share clothes with and secrets with and someone who just gets you. Even to this day, having a sister seems like the best thing in the world to have! Or a brother, if you’re a dude.

For as long as I can remember, the one thing I’ve prayed in my heart for my entire life has been “please give me a daughter, and please give her a sister.” I cannot even BEGIN to wrap my brain around the fact that I’m going to be a mama to two girls (what!) — I truly believe that the Lord hears and knows the desires of our hearts and answers those prayers in His own timing and special way. And the fact that we are giving izzy something I never had but always wished for…that is the most special thing in the world to me as a mama.


We’ve had so many people ask us about names, and though we do have one in particular picked out, we are not going to share until this little lady is earth side, just for fun! We’ve had one solid girl and one solid boy name picked for the last several years…but now that we’re having another girl we had to scramble to think of more name ideas that we loved.

I will give you a hint though….all if the names we picked have a similar phonetic sound to them ❤ And each one has the same first letter as the middle name!

fun second pregnancy facts

How far along am I?
19 weeks and 4 days (I thought I was already at 20, but guess I’m a few days behind!)
How big is the baby?
The size of a mango/8.5oz
Belly showing yet?
Yes, it’s finally rounding out a little
Due date?
May 1, 2019! But at my gender reveal ultrasound they said I could possibly have her in late April
Weight gain?
Yep it just keeps coming!
Is izzy aware there’s another baby coming?
Yes! We’ve been saying “izzy, where’s mommy’s baby?” And izzy will point to my belly. Now we just need to have her realize it’s a baby sister!
Morning sickness?
Thankfully we are past that now that I’m in the second trimester – but that didn’t let me escape catching a bad stomach bug earlier this week. THAT was awful and I definitely threw up more than I could count.
Nesting yet?
We are trying to decide on room organization right now since we will most likely be moving izzy into her own toddler bed once the baby comes. We are still at my mom’s house, and hopefully by the time the next baby comes we will be on our way to moving into a house.
Cravings or aversions?
Definitely craving healthier, light, green foods this time around. With izzy I was craving taco bell like nobody’s business! This time, it’s all about salads and crunchy greens and light foods (as in no heavy carbs). Aversions to fried chicken and Starbucks (but why!!!).
How far apart will they be in age?
22 months, almost to the day
Thing I can’t live without this pregnancy?
My pregnancy pillow, Blanqi maternity leggings, and being able to be at home during this whole pregnancy!!



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