2017 Reflections // 2018 Goals and all about intentional living

When I was in high school, my best friend and I would hangout on New Years Eve and write out what we wanted to do differently in the coming year. We would make a bullet list on a note card, then seal it in an envelope until the next NYE only to open it and reflect on what we had written as goals and aspirations from the previous year. Then we would add another note card to the envelope on that NYE, and the cycle would continue ❤ We did that for years! And it was so amusing to open up that envelope each year and reflect on what I had written the previous year, checking off whether or not I lived up to my resolutions.

Last year, I thought nothing could top 2016 – after all, I planned a colorful and dreamy bohemian wedding, honeymooned to Ireland, got my masters degree, visited New York for the first time, AND we found out we were going to have a baby. So many of my dreams and ambitions were checked off! 2017 was a more mellow year for us, but one of the  most amazing blessings that came out of it was our beautiful baby girl!! Elizabeth June was born on July 7th, and the rest of the year after that we’ve spent adjusting to being a family of three (say whaaat!) – which meant adjusting our marriage and relationship around now being “mom and dad.” It hasn’t been easy, but it’s the best hard thing I’ve ever done 🙂

2017 reflections

  • Being honest and kind and vulnerable and brave are the best things you can be.
  • Asking questions is not something to feel bad about. It shows you think first before you assume or act. It reveals a desire for growth and to share knowledge.
  • The people who want to be in your life and who want you in their life will make it so. Keep these ones close, and forget everyone else. Ha! But seriously. Quality over quantity, amiright?!
  • And on the other hand, there will always be people who want to (and will try to) snuff out your light in any way they can. Little do they know, that’s impossible,  ❤
  • There’s no such thing as putting too much effort into your marriage! Take all the classes. Read all the books. Spend all the quality time together. Do all the things to protect and strengthen your marriage! And never just assume things are good. Communication is essential for survival.
  • Sometimes, things just won’t go as planned. And that’s OK.
  • Focus on what you can change, then change it.
  • Being a mom is HARD. WORK. It’s the most challenging (but rewarding) thing I’ve ever done.

2018 Goals

  • Roll with the punches.
  • Commit to self-growth, self-care, and self-love.
  • Read/listen to/do one devotional a day.
  • Work on slowing down enough to be fully present.
  • Be more unplugged. Not every moment has to be documented, and there’s more to life than Instagram (LOL).
  • Remember my worth (Palms 139:13-16, Mathew 10:31, Mathew 6:25-34).
  • Make a scrapbook for Izzy’s first year!! And try to journal her little accomplishments everyday.
  • Be more consistent with blogging.
  • Deepen my friendships.
  • Read more books!
  • Live with a “quality > quantity” mindset, with everything.
  • Try to look at everything around me with fresh eyes.
  • Get back into photography, calligraphy, painting and creating.

word to live by this year: intentional

The is the first day out of 365 chances for new adventures / new (and second) chances / days to make a difference, even if it’s the smallest one / learning when to say no / days to realize your worth / days to choose joy / intentional mornings / days to create new passions / days to make new memories / days for new possibilities / better decisions / opportunities to try something new / days to refocus / days to rekindle / chances to rekindle

This year, my word to live by is intentional. I’ve never done a “word to live by” but since it’s the first day out of 365 new chances to cultivate a life worth living, I’ve decided to choose to be intentional every. single. day. That means having a desire for growth every day, to realize my purpose every day, to really put myself out there and TRY my best, every single day. For my marriage, for my daughter, for my friends, for my family, and for myself. That means 365 days of saying “I made an effort today,” and “I made sure I impacted someone/thing today for the better,” and “today has not been wasted.” ✨

I have a great feeling about 2018, I know this year is full of possibilities and wonder and magic and new beginnings ❤️ Cheers to starting fresh, friends! Xo


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