7 captivating books to read this fall

Last Summer I started a book list to get through before fall came. I enjoyed hunting down great titles and having a pile of books to get me through days at home or by the pool – so THIS year I decided to come up with another book list full of captivating reads (most with with strong female leads) that I would not be able to put down. If you’re like me and love falling deep into the magic of books, then this list will be all you’ll need this fall!

rising strong by brene brown

If you are striving to learn to live a full and wholehearted life after you’ve experienced hurt,  then you NEED to pick up a copy of Rising Strong. This one is a road map for how to get back up after experiencing suffering in your life. It’s about owning your story, the process that made you you, and learning to love yourself for who you are now after overcoming fears, struggles, shames and hurts. It’s about learning to trust again, learning to love yourself, diving deeper into community and learning how best to communicate and understand your story.

Rising Strong

since she went away by david bell

David Bell brings us yet another coveted classic mystery, and ya’ll know I LOVE a good mystery book! This one is entangled with disappearances, uncovering clues and long-buried secrets. He’s since written another novel after this one, and I have yet to get my hands on it!

Since She Went Away

the little paris bookshop by nina george

This is a charming novel that takes place in southern France where romance and long lost love collide in a bookshop. If you love books that tug at your heartstrings where you can immerse yourself into the plot and characters, you will not regret diving into this one ❤

the Little Paris Book Shop

trials of the earth by mary mann hamilton

A delicious based-on-true-events novel on the life and obstacles faced by Mary Hamilton, a pioneer woman who struggled to survive and thrive on the Mississippi Delta during the late 1800’s. It’s a time capsule on who we used to be, what America used to be like in her early days and how the struggle of being a pioneer during that time shaped Hamilton into a hard working, humble, and fierce-spirited American woman. Plus, the into was written by Morgan Freeman. Is there anyone else whose voice is better at narrating?! Just keep talking, Morgan! Xo

Trials of the Earth

girl in the afternoon by serena Burdick

Another passionate, Parisian drama-adventure novel about a girl who seeks refuge in the art world as she is mentored by Manet. It is a quest for a young woman’s independence and how her life entwines with Impressionism, womanhood and freedom, family secrets, and art as she tries to make her way in an art world dominated by men. If you’re into Lifetime movies or if you love art, this one’s for you.

Girl in the Afternoon

invincible summer by alice adams

Think sisterhood of the traveling pants meets sex and the city, but co-ed. YES PLEASE! This one is the story of 4 friends experiencing the roller coaster of life: through friendships, broken hearts, navigating thwarted dreams, reveling in romance, and finding themselves over the course of 20 years – from college to their 30’s – longing for the times of their carefree youth when “adulthood” seemed so far away. This is a coming-of-age novel for those who have golden memories of  their 20s and 30s, and are finding courage to carry on optimistically in the new millennium.

Invincible Summer

stardust by neil gaiman

I had to throw in one from my favorite author, Neil Gaiman! Stardust was made into a movie 10 years ago, and if you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably heard of it. It’s an adventure-fantasy story of young love, adventure and finding yourself. The book is definitely more “adult” than the family-friendly movie, and is nothing short of brilliance. If you love propelling yourself into a world of rich excitement, magic and storytelling, and love when a book allows you to wander into a wardrobe of possibility – read this one. Then go watch the movie. You’ll love both. ❤



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