3 months into mommyhood

🍂Elizabeth June is THREE MONTHS now!🍂 Our sweetest little pumpkin is growing so so fast. It’s been such a whirlwind of emotions, watching her grow from a little beansprout to a fully functioning baby human. I keep thinking if I blink I’m going to miss a monumental moment, a smile, or a staring contest with her big blue eyes.It seems like she learns to do something new or progress on something she discovered every day! Like finding out that she had little tiny hands and fingers, and now she sucks her thumb intentionally. Or, finding out if she whimpers and whines then mommy comes running and picks her up. Or, that another baby lives in every mirror of our house and will make faces and blab back to her if she makes sounds and faces 😉 She’s such a darling, she’s so mellow and sweet-natured…some days I can’t believe she’s ours. It’s too good of a gift, and we are so blessed to have her in our life! Here’s a fun little update on our little Izzy June at 3 months old:

weight: 13.5 lbs
height: 25″
diaper size: 2
eyes: blue
hair: light brown or dark blonde, we can’t decide
Sleeping through the night?: almost!
Mommy or daddy preference: mommy

She tries to roll onto her tummy, but can’t quite make it over just yet.
She love tummy time, and can prop up on her arms and fully lift her head for a few minutes.
She’s finally sleeping longer through the night, about 5-7 hours now.
She loves to suck her thumb and likes to grab onto her toys, my hair, and anything else she can get her little fingers wrapped around.
She loves getting dressed.
She sneezes 2-3 times in a row, each time.
She’s a HUGE snuggle bug and starts to whine and whimper whenever she wants to be held.
She doesn’t like being in her car seat and that’s pretty much the only time she cries.
She loves bathtime.
We’re just now starting to introduce books to her at bedtime – she babbles and coos at the pictures and especially is intrigued at the lift-a-flap books .
She has a really silly laugh, when she tries to laugh.
She gets shy and bashful when we talk to her sometimes, and will cover her face with her arms.

Dislikes: Getting buckled into her carseat, being set down after being held, or when we’re driving then hit a stoplight – she will cry when the car stops moving.
Likes: Being held, sucking her thumb, playing with her colorful hungry catapillar toy, and mirrors.

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