5 things you need to tell yourself every morning

I was thinking the other afternoon about the journey I’ve been on the last several years, and more so where that journey has brought me – from a fiance to a wife to a mother all within two and a half years. Recently, since becoming a mom, I’ve had my work cut out for me – not only do I have to stay on top of being a wife to my husband, I also have to be 110% on top of my mom game since I currently stay at home with my baby. Oh, and let’s not forget about trying to maintain a social life…It’s a lot of work! For others who are in the same boat as me or who are learning to adjust to the transition of wife > mom…here are 5 things to say to yourself every morning that will help encourage, uplift, and refresh your spirit ❤

1. “it’s okay.”

I say this sooo often these days, since having a baby. I say it to myself, to Izzy, to John, and to myself. 😉 There are days where things don’t go as planned (like at all), or where I can’t handle the load I’m carrying or where I just feel like nothing gets done…but it’s okay. I don’t have to do it all. The laundry can wait another day, John can do the dishes later, and Izzy will cry and fuss and I am going to be tired. And that’s all OK. Learning to embrace the chaos allows for the release of stress and expectations makes you stronger – these are just seasons and it will not always be this way. But for now, I can say “it’s OK. I’m OK.” and let out a breath as I plop onto the couch with my unshaved legs and 4th day without a shower and fussy baby who just wants to be snuggled. And that’s all OK.

2. “you can do this.”

I’ve gone through many nights and moments where I say in my head “I can’t do this, it’s too ___.” But the thing is, the Lord never puts anything in our life that He knows we cannot handle or come out of. He puts things in our life to challenge our faith and trust in Him, so that we have no other choice but to call out to Him and lean on Him. And for those moments, I am grateful. If it weren’t for those trials and valleys, I would not have had a chance to fully put my trust in the Lord and realize that it is by believing in the good of the Lord and holding on to faith that I am able to conquer this life.

3. “Learn from yesterday and do it differently tomorrow.”

How many times have we gone through the majority of the day in a bad mood, having put our foot in our mouth, made a mistake, weren’t  productive, or gotten into an argument with a friend or husband…only to feel like “great the day is almost over and today sucked.” …I definitely haveeeee! But the thing to remember is any day can be turned around and end on a good note, and if you just don’t feel like doing that (hey sometimes we’re just plain tired and need to sleep it off) – then tomorrow, do things differently. Speak kindly, apologize, make the effort, throw on some makeup do your hair and put on your dancin shoes because you can always make your tomorrow better than yesterday or today.

4. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

You were created with a purpose, with a plan, and with a bright future ahead. You were shaped and molded so uniquely that no one else in the whole world,before or after you, will ever compare to you. You were given this life for a reason, you were given your personality for a reason, and you were given your talents and gifts for a reason! U S E  T H E M for good. And here’s the kicker – don’t think for a second that just because you aren’t well known or famous or highly recognized on some social platform or industry that you’re not worth much, or not impacting those around you.

Because in fact, the opposite is true: in the words of a fellow blogger whom I adore for being a light on Instagram, @kristinschmucker, “Some days I get overwhelmed by the mundane. Motherhood, meals, messes, naptime, arguments, homework, and bedtime leave me frustrated. But then I remember that He is with me. He is building His kingdom in me and through me. And kingdom work isn’t about “big” things…because His kingdom is an upside down kingdom where the last are first, and the kingdom belongs to the poor in Spirit, and satisfaction comes to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (Matthew 5). So I take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, and I cling to Jesus and I sing with a prayerful heart…’build Your kingdom here.’  “

5. “These are the days!”

Truthfully! There is nothing that comes close to the journey of being a wife, pregnancy, and motherhood. They’re all stressful in their own ways, and yet so rewarding in others. There are emotionally and mentally demanding moments, tiring moments, exciting and wonderful moments, and moments where all we want to do is pull the covers over our heads and say “pause!” on the day. We have all these roles to maintain: wife, daughter, church member, career woman, informed citizen, cautious consumer, friend…it’s a lot to juggle. But remember this: to everything, there is a season (the book of Ecclesiastes states this very well – go take a minute to dive into that chapter and tell me you don’t feel refreshed afterwards).

There is a reason for the season you’re in, whether it be to learn something about yourself or to have others, in their season, learn something from you. The best thing you can do for yourself is focus on the bigger picture and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, though the tunnel might be a bit longer than you had imagined or hoped for. Choose to live your life in joy and recognize that the days you’re in now are the ones to live for. Choose to let go of the why’s and ugh’s, and live for the moment you’re in currently! ❤

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