My Skin Care Must-Haves

My skin and I have had a love/dislike relationship for quite some time now…I feel like I’ve tried everything in the book to get healthy, acne-free, glowing skin and just within the last couple years I finally feel like nowww I have my skin somewhat where I want it.

So today I thought I’d share a few face skincare products that have actually worked for me,  because it’s about stinkin time I found products that have visible, real results! If you try any of them at home on your own let me know how they worked for you! 🙂

Living in San Diego, the sun is pretty much out 360 days out of the year which means I pretty much need to be best friends with my sunscreen. I’ve tried several brands, and here are the ones I most loved:

1. Coola Suncare
Best smell, eco-friendly, organic. I have the Sport (citrus mimosa) and Face (cucumber) ones, and I LOVE THEM! Not only do the smell heavenly, but they both have a heavier, thick texture than regular, slimy sunscreen. They double as a moisturizer, and my skin soaks it in every time I apply it. Definitely one to splurge on.

2. Aveeno Active Naturals, Face Sunscreen SPF 50
Best oil-free, best generic. This one has been a go-to of mine for a long time, and is what I usually wear to the beach if I’m going to lay out, be outdoors for a while, or if I’m going on a run. It stays put and also moisturizes, but I wouldn’t replace my moisturizer with it.

My skin type is combination, and I’m always looking for a moisturizer that isn’t watery, will take care of my pores, doesn’t have weird ingredients in it, and keeps my make-up in place whenever I wear foundation. My favorite moisturizers so far include:

1.  Nude Skincare Progenius Milk
Best smell, best ingredients. Splurge. I actually won a full size bottle of this in an Instagram contest with Nude Skincare! Fun right? I’ve been using it daily since then, and I really am so happy with what it’s done with my skin. It smells fantastic, makes my skin feel SUPER moisturized, it’s vegan, and feels like you’re wearing silk after it dries. Love what it does, but the price is a BIT steep.

2.  Good Day. Moisturizer by La Fresh Group
Best eco-friendly, best ingredients. Splurge. I LOOOVE this moisturizer! Smells amazing, was born in California (represent!), also a vegan and natural product, and did wonders for my skin. I’m running low on mine right now, but again the price is just a tad steep! But you get what you pay for though, right? 🙂

I have used just about every face wash known to man and have recently gotten into trying more high end scrubs for the sake of not seeing a difference in my skin tone. The only thing however that HAS made a drastic change in my skin that literally costs change to make is:

1.  My own DIY brown sugar scrub (with honey and olive oil). It seriously has worked wonders, and I blame the all-natural and organic ingredients (as well as the sugar to exfoliate)! You just can’t go wrong with it.

DIY Brown Sugar Scrub
Ingredients: 1 cup brown sugar with 1 tbsp organic wild honey and 2 tbsp olive oil.
How to: Mix ingredients together until brown sugar is moist. Store your new scrub in an airtight container out of direct sunlight, and use either on face or body or both 3-4 times a week for glowing, smooth, and moisturized skin.

2.  Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant
Best everything. Definitely a splurge. I just tried this exfoliant scrub for the first time today and OH MY GOSH IT’S AMAZING. Like where has this been all my life?! First time using it and it already made my skin look radiant and feel impossibly smooth and minimized my pores drastically. Obsessed is an understatement. Too bad the retail price is $70+ bucks…Ouch. But it’s a good ouch. Because it works.

3. Que Bella Face Masks
Best drugstore mask. Best multi-ingredient mask. When I found these at Target a while back for TWO DOLLARS I had to try them. They have a lot of natural ingredients, smell amazing, and every time I’ve used one it’s made my skin look and feel fantastic afterward. Each packet gives about 3-4 face masks, and after I cut one open I store it in a cute glass container. I’ve even mixed the masks together (ex: anti aging with pore minimizing) and love the results 🙂

❤ Hope you found these helpful!

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