45 Things That Go Through A Runner’s Head While Running

If you’re a runner, you KNOW you’ve had these thoughts! Here’s me on a typical day:

1. Oh it’s overcast today? Perfect weather for a run!
2. Except I hope it doesn’t rain.
3. But if it rains I’ll look pretty BA for running in the rain.
4. *jumps off curb* Parkour! 
5. I wonder what my pace is right now.
6. 10:30 minutes a mile!? YEAH RIGHT I’M NO GRANNY
7. I’m already hungry.
8. Oh, hi dog! You’re cute. I could stop and pet you but that would mess up my pace time.
9. I wonder what I look like when I run. Baby drunk deer, or swift galloping gazelle?
10. Do I technically NEED to do legs day if I run..?
11. OMG I’m barely at a mile and a half? GAHHHH
12. Okay it’s getting hot. So much for those clouds.
13. Are those hunger pains or a side ache?
14.  Nope that’s definitely a side ache. OW ow ow
15. OOh! Another jogger! I wonder how may miles he’s done so far.
16. How many miles does it look like I’VE DONE so far?
17. Why do I even run.
18. Why does anyone even run.
19. Running sucks, suh uh uh ucks..
20. WHY would this song be on my playlist, ew.
21. Nope, not that song either…
22. Oh I love this song! TEMPO RUN!!!
23. I could totally run for another 6 miles.
24. Maybe I should sign up for another race.
25. I could totally train for another half starting TODAY!
26. …except that’s 13.1 miles. With hills. And cross training.
27. I hate running hills.
28. And of course, here’s a hill. Why. WHY!
29. Oh crap, a car’s coming…please don’t hit me please don’t hit me
30. Do you really need to swerve THAT much out of the way? It’s not like I’m a whale
31. Speaking of whales…I could eat an entire pizza right now. With ranch.
32. I wonder how many calories I’m burning. I could totally burn off an entire pizza.
33.  YES mile 3! WEEEEE almost finished!!!!!!!! Blah now I actually have to finish.
34. Maybe I can sprint to mile 4. Then I would get done faster.
35. Okay yeah, not sprinting. Never again.
36. Once I’m home I’m going to lay down and never move again.
37. If I ever even GET home.
38. Does this route always take this long?
39. Okay once I reach that tree I’m walking.
40.  OH HEYYYY I cut my PR by 15 seconds!!! YESS.
41. Form check.
42. Run, run, run your butt, gently down the rooaddd..
43. Well that wasn’t so bad. Now where’s my inhaler.
44. Can every day be rest day?
45. Foam roller. Foam roller NOW.

❤ For more fun running reads, check out this post on 5k runs, and this one about how to stretch post run. Also read my thoughts on past races here and here 🙂

^ hamming it up for those race photogs

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