Stick & Stone Co. April Giveaway

So I have this cute little company called Stick & Stone Co. and it made its debut in January 2015 to the world of Etsy! Stick & Stone Co. is an accessory and lifestyle company designed by yours truly. My shop features one of a kind, laid-back-cool-girl styles that are designed for those who live a vibrant, fun filled, spunky life! You’ll find all kinds of unique and bright color combos in Stick & Stone Co.’s awesome bag tassels, knitted headbands + scarves, and the occasional embroidered hoop art. I really want to make more embroidery hoops, but just haven’t found the time yet.

Be sure to like Stick & Stone Co. on Facebook, and follow on Instagram to be the first to know about our latest giveaways (like this one!) and for fun promo codes to use on your next order! 🙂


This month I’m turning 26, and wanted to celebrate my first “late-twenties” birthday by throwing a super fun giveaway to all my blog, Facebook, and Instagram followers! Here’s how it works:

1. Order a minimum of $15 of product from my Etsy shop (before shipping).
2. Let some of your friends know about this giveaway so they can join in too!
3. Once you’ve placed your order, I will add at least two things from the pictures below to your order so you’ll receive a fun surprise once it arrives! ❤

Here are all the goodies you could get in your surprise package (and remember, you’ll get at least TWO!):
1. Some pretty stationary + thank you cards because you can never have enough of those!
2. A sweet journal (these ones say “Make the Most of Every Day,” “thoughts,” and “Believe in the Good of Everything”)
3. Gold foil lady-drink pencils
4. Tassels made by Stick & Stone Co.
5. Headbands made by Stick & Stone Co.
6. Very sweet to-do list notepads by Lady Jayne Ltd.
7. A lovely beaded bracelet (comes in various colors) whose proceeds go to building schools for children in Africa
8. Pretty colors of Nicole by OPI nail polish
9. A brightly printed makeup bag (the one pictured is by Ollie + Olivia)
10. Colored pencils made of sustainable tamarind trees! (Tamarind trees are farmed for their yummy fruits, and their trimmed branches are used to make branch pencils and pens).

I am SO excited to package everyone’s goodies and mail them away! Remember to tell your friends about this giveaway, and to order from Stick & Stone Co.’s Etsy by April 30th with the minimum qualifying purchase being $15. Have fun!! ❤

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