How To Kick Bad Days In The Butt

Ever have one of those days that just goes to poop? Especially when that poopy day turns into a poopy week, and you feel like nothing else could possibly go wrong….and then it does? We’ve all been there. I have had some ROUGH experiences in the last 2 years, all of which fall under the category of DUMB. And at the time, I didn’t know how it could get worse. But with God’s mercy and grace, the support of my friends and family, and my overly (sometimes pathetically) optimistic attitude, I OVERCAME! 😀 And so can you. So hold your chin up and put your game face on because we’re about to kick dumb days to the CURB, baby!

It’s not the end of the world, and it WILL get better. Other people have had worse days, and other people have gone through exactly what you’re going through. Not saying that your horribly bad day isn’t horribly bad, but at least you haven’t gone full-blown Brittney over it (I hope).

Grab a sheet of paper (or start a journal) and write down what’s making your day super dumb. Is it because your best friend isn’t acting like a friend anymore? Are you trying to get out of a horrible relationship? Did you get fired from your job? Did you not get picked for the job when you thought you nailed the interview? (and in case you were wondering, yes all of those things happened to me.) Writing things out helps put them into perspective and allows you to decompress, and get that negativity out of your system. Now, scribble all over your list like a maniac three-year-old with a black permanent marker.  You can either tuck this paper away into the bowels of your “bad days” folder, OR you can set it on fire and watch the dumb stuff burn away! 😀 I’d personally pick the latter.

Parents are there for a reason, and it’s to save your butt comfort you in times of stress and difficulty. For the first 6 months of living on my own I went through some really stupid experiences that NO one should ever have to endure all at once. During these times I would call my mom and dad to save my sanity and to talk me out of moving back home (because I am a trooper and I can handle ANYTHING, danigt! ..sometimes). And if you don’t have a parental figure to call, call someone who knows more about life than you do.

4. SAY “I D.G.A.F.” REALLY LOUD (then say a quick apology prayer for cussing).
I don’t cuss. Like, ever. However, this phrase is one that got me out of a handful of stupid dumb days. Remind yourself that NO one is allowed to bring you down, NO one is allowed to ruin your day/night/week/life, and NO ONE has the power to take away your happiness! When dumb situations come your way, hold your head high and declare this phrase to the world (okay, maybe censor out that last part) and move along.

There’s nothing like getting your mind off whatever is bugging you. I always feel much better and so rejuvenated after a long drive somewhere by myself with my camera, binge watching Disney princess movies, buying a new book from the bookstore, baking brownies with extra chocolate, crying it out if I feel inclined, and doing some retail therapy. Not necessarily in that order, but hey whatever works man. You do you.

Nothing works better for drowning out your sorrows quite like a loud mix of Guns n Roses, Madonna, Queen, and Van Halen while dancing around the living room with your 18 lb. cat before you deep clean right!! Ahem. So how many people love to clean when they’re having a good day? *crickets..* Now how many people love to clean when they’re having a bad day? MEEEEEE. I can get so much done if I’ve had a dumb day, lemme tell ya. Deep clean my bedroom? Check. Clean out the fridge and meal plan for 2 weeks out? Check. Clean the BATHROOM?? Done. Cleaning = productivity, productivity = feeling fulfilled, feeling fulfilled = happiness, happiness = brownies. Enough said.
FullSizeRender (31)

Now this one kinda ties in to cleaning, but reorganizing is SO much better. If you can’t exactly change what’s giving you a bad day, you can most definitely reorganize your apartment! While I was living at home, I reorganized/rearranged/redecorated and repainted my bedroom at least 3 times in 4 years. When I moved out on my own, boy did I go crazy with how much space I had to decorate! ❤ Move your furniture around for a better feng shui. Redo your bathroom by swapping out towels and your shower curtain for a new look. Create a gallery wall of all your favorite pictures (and if you already have one, switch out the pictures!). Buy scented candles and light em up. The options are endless and before you know it, your place looks and smells KILLER and you’ve totally forgotten why you were in a bad mood 🙂

This one can be really tough, especially when you feel like life is being unfair and you don’t know why bad things are happening to you. We’ve all been there, my friend. But the one thing that I have learned (unfortunately, the hard way) is that letting go of these things is the best way to overcome adversity quicker and stronger in the future. Accept what happened, don’t dwell on it, tell yourself you’re going to be more than okay eventually, and just let it go. Tomorrow is a new day.

Truly, this one works. We will find ourselves grumbling about all the things we don’t have, dwelling on the past, and forgetting what all we DO have to be happy about. When you feel yourself heading towards the rut of negativity, do yourself (and others around you) a favor and immediately change the bad into the good. No one likes being around someone who talks negatively about life all the time, and I’m sure you’ll get tired of hearing yourself be mopey too. So instead, focus on all the positives that came out of your bad experiences. Think about how this current struggle will shape you for the future, and thank God for placing obstacles in your life because it makes you humble, appreciate more, and put your faith in Him instead of what’s here on earth.

I saved this one for last because you know what…sometimes none of the above works, It’s too heavy of a weight on our shoulders, there’s too much going on, you can’t change how you feel about it, so all that’s left is to sleep it off. However going to bed with a heavy heart is not fun. You might even cry yourself to sleep, or have to “sleep it off” for the next couple days. Just remember that you are not in this alone, it WILL get better, and no matter what happens you will overcome it. Make it a plan to be kind to people, regardless of how dumb everyone else is being, and that in itself with generate healing and happiness. ❤

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