New Spring Line of Tassel Keychains

These new tassel charm keychains are debuting today on my etsy shop, Stick & Stone Co.! You can read a mini bio on my shop here and on the blog, if you’re not already familiar with my products ❤


I designed these tassels with inspiration coming from all things spring– the beach, spring flower colors, cool drinks (think colorful limeades and margaritas), and added fun charms to each one to make them personal and unique.

They range in price from $8.00 to $12.75, and are perfect to add to your spring wardrobe! They are meant to be used as bag tassels, but you can also use them to brighten up your planner, notebooks, or on single-key keychains (not to be used on car key keychains – the more keys and stuff on the keychain, the easier it can damage the tassel). My first spring line is on etsy now! You can view all my tassels here and pick your favorites.

I hope you love them!

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