My 6 Favorite Netflix TV Show Picks (So Far)

I was never a Netflix groupie, that is until I met John (whom I discovered is apparently the guru of all things Netflix). I always relied on good ol’ trusty Blockbuster (R.I.P. 😦 ) when I had movie cravings. I also never really got into religiously watching any TV shows (except for Sex and the City, because Carrie is my spirit animal) so therefore I didn’t have a reason to Netlfix — or so I thought, because apparently I live in the dinosaur age since everyone and their mom had Netflix except me until last year. Hmph.

When John and I first started hanging out, I would go over to his place and we would have cute movie nights with a few of our friends. Then John and I solo-progressed to Netflix nights. This is like, a thing! Girls, when a guy asks you over to NETFLIX (just you + him)…it means he actually wants to spend quality time with you and actually likes you. Because why else would a guy want to sit around on a couch for hours and pick out new shows to watch with a girl, complete with popcorn and snacks? It’s love, baby.


That being said, here’s my list of my favorite Netflix shows that John and I have religiously watched together over the past year:

1. Bates Motel
This one is where it all began. John invited me over for a “scary movie night” (which is really guy code for let’s-get-cozy-and-hold-hands-for-the-first-time), and he decided to put on Bates motel since we both saw American Psycho (or so I thought that was the reason, but he was really just makin’ moves). Bates became our “thing” every Monday night, and is also where we indeed held hands for the first time ❤ Sly guy! I’m telling you, this is a tried and true trick. Next time a guy asks you over for Netflix, you tell me he wasn’t makin’ some sweetheart moves.

2. Sherlock
John and I didn’t know what to do with our lives once the last season of Bates was over, so we started watching Sherlock on Netflix….and I just have two words. Benedict Cumberbatch. That is all. ❤ SO GOOD! When John moved down to CA with me, we would spend hours binge watching Sherlock. Like…10 episodes at a time. No shame.
Fun fact about that show before I move on to lie to me: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman both were in the Hobbit at the same time of filming Sherlock 😉 Benedict played the voice of Smaug and Martin played Bilbo, OBVIOUSLY. *said with Sherlock sass*

3. Lie To Me
Once Sherlock ended (they seriously better do a season 5 or else I’ll die), we stumbled upon Lie To Me. Are you sensing a theme trend here yet? Twisted action mystery adventure…? This is yet another how we LOOOVED and binged on for hours at a time. We are huge fans of Bones and I love CSI so obviously Lie To Me was a must. SO sad they cancelled the series though!

4. Arrow
This one is where John and I got kinda depressed because our three favorite of all time Netflix shows were over and there was literally nothing else on Netflix that interested us. So we started Arrow, hoping it would be slightly cool because it’s a DC comic. It started off okaaay, but OMG the end of season 1 and all of season 2 got us hooked and then we couldn’t stop. We still haven’t caught up on season 3 because we don’t have time to watch real TV anymore but that’s okay.

5. Once Upon A Time
Now this is one I started watching on my own because John started working graveyard shifts which meant we couldn’t spend as much time together, so obviously I turned to Netflix for guidance. I knew about this show since forever ago when it started but never knew how good of a show it really was. I literally finished the entirety of its seasons on Netflix in 3 weeks. I’m currently watching season 4 Sunday nights on TV yay me 🙂

6. Doctor Who
Okay. Now this one was not my idea, as I had no desire to associate myself as a “whovian” and had no idea why this BBC doctor guy is making a comeback from the early 2000’s. But John watched every episode when he was younger, so we decided to start the entire series over from episode 1 and I have to admit…it’s not as bad as I thought it would be and I’m kinda hooked on how brilliantly dry the humor and acting is.

The shows we currently have in our list on Netflix but have yet to watch include: Nikita, House of Cards, Fringe, Prison Break, and Bones (we’ve watched the entirety of Bones individually but it was just that good to not include in the list). I also really want to start Downton Abbey except I can’t find all the seasons online, boo.

Has anyone else watched any of these shows and loved or hated them? What Netflix shows did you gave a try and got addicted to? 🙂

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