A 60th Birthday Surprise!

This is the year my beautiful mom turns 60! I missed celebrating her last two birthdays with her since I was living out of state, so this year I wanted to go all out and surprise her with something absolutely grand. And I did…a surprise getaway weekend to one of my favorite places, Palm Springs! 😀 ❤

palm springs

I had been meticulously planning this girls getaway weekend for WEEKS and it all came together so well in the end despite all the major planning and attention to detail that went into it! Everyone in my family was in on it, and I made sure everyone had some sort of alibi as to why they wouldn’t be available for my mom’s birthday to celebrate. But don’t worry, we DID have a fun family celebration of Easter and birthdays the Saturday night before, so my mom wouldn’t feel like everyone totally forgot about her! 😉 Muahaha.

Click here to read about me and my mom’s fun adventure day around San Diego to kick off her birthday weekend!


We had a fun Easter + birthday celebration with my entire family today, and I’m so glad we were able to pull it off without my mom suspecting a thing! I had planned with my two aunts (my mom’s sisters) to have our families get together Saturday instead of Sunday for Easter, since I was going to surprise my mom on Sunday with her Palm Springs birthday getaway.

Festivities included: a “big kid” Easter egg hunt (all the eggs had money in them, I made $12 bucks and some change what what), there was tons of amazing food (I made my famous super yummy brownies from scratch, and a bomb quinoa salad), and had good time making memories with family. When we got home that night, I packed my bags for the trip and set out cute outfits for my mom to wear “for her birthday week.” She had no idea what was really about to happen!

I drove separately from my mom to Easter service so that I could turn around and race back to the house to quickly pack her bags with everything she would need for our trip! Then I drove like a crazy person to church and switched our bags from my car to my mom’s car all the while hoping she wouldn’t wonder why I was late since I left before her, and met her inside church. WHEW. At this point, she still had no idea that we were all going to surprise her after service!

Earlier in the week, I had asked my sister-in-law to bring snacks my for my mom for the road on Sunday and to randomly present them to my mom at the end of the service. Watch the video below for my mom’s sweet reaction to her surprise trip:

After a million hugs, tears and pictures, she and I left immediately after church and headed out to Palm Springs! Check out part two of this adventure here, on my 24 Hour Guide to Palm Springs to see how her fun birthday trip went down! ❤

IMG_9983 IMG_9984

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