How To Leave The House With A New Baby And A Toddler

Hi friends! Today’s topic has been a much requested one since we’ve been home with our newborn baby – we’ve gone out several times a week (even up to once a day) since she was 2 days old! Whether it was a short trip to the park or a big trip to Disneyland, we’ve made an attempt to be active and it’s been so worth it.

Getting out of the house with multiple little ones on is a challenge, but here’s why it’s important to us. It builds confidence, creates a healthy challenge of working together with your spouse to problem solve and communicate efficiently, and lets your older kid(s) see that you have not “forgotten them” just because a new sibling is in the mix – which was super important to us to do for izzy. Continue reading


WEATHER: Sunny as always in San Diego. We just got through an intense heat wave where the highs were 90 during the day…ever since I moved back to California I’ve been toggling between Portland and San Diego on the weather app and I’m missing the 55 degree rainy spring mornings! I at least wish we had some clouds here and there.

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First Trip To Disneyland With John

I. LOVE. Disneyland. Like, I wish I could live there, in the castle, with all the princesses, every day. I’d die happy ❤ But seeing as how I probably can’t swing that dream, I’ll settle for annual passes instead! John and I have been talking about Disneyland for months and we finally got around to doing it yesterday! The last time I went was nearly 3 years ago for my 23rd birthday, and the last time John went was in 2011. Before that, probably as a kid. So we decided it was high time that we make a trip, AND get some nifty annual passes while we were at it.

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