First Trip To Disneyland With John

I. LOVE. Disneyland. Like, I wish I could live there, in the castle, with all the princesses, every day. I’d die happy ❤ But seeing as how I probably can’t swing that dream, I’ll settle for annual passes instead! John and I have been talking about Disneyland for months and we finally got around to doing it yesterday! The last time I went was nearly 3 years ago for my 23rd birthday, and the last time John went was in 2011. Before that, probably as a kid. So we decided it was high time that we make a trip, AND get some nifty annual passes while we were at it.


My favorite things to do at Disney include walking in all of the shops on main street, riding splash mountain, and grabbing soft serve ice cream. But with John, since it was our first time going together, we made up our own itinerary and spent 10 hours having fun at both parks and goofing off all over the place.

At Disneyland, we took our time wandering around deciding what ride we would do first (we decided on Buzz Lightyear, since his best friend told him to get a high score for him) and then did Indiana Jones (thank you awesome couple who handed us their fast pass tickets just because!), Star Tours, wandered around as John was on the hunt for the perfect Disneyland hat, did Thunder Mountain (long line but always worth it), and grabbed lunch.

Then we headed to California Adventure where we did Tower of Terror, California Screaming (lost my voice at this point), romped around the Wilderness Explorer Camp (note to self: climb the eagle’s view rope ramp thing for a killer leg workout), got soaked on that one rafting ride in Bear County and made faces at a cute little girl who was being grumpy, and grabbed Starbucks before heading back to Disneyland for space mountain and ending the night with Indiana Jones. We didn’t do that many rides but hey that’s why we got passes so we can do something different every time we go — which John said would be every week, so we’ll see about that!! ❤

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