Carlsbad 5000 5k

Well it’s official…I cannot stop registering for races. They’re always SO fun, the crowd alone does enough to pump you up during the run, you’re surrounded by fellow runners who love running as much as you do…what’s not to love!! This race makes my 3rd this year so far, and I’m just getting started ❤

Janelle and I signed up for this one a couple weeks before we ran the San Diego Half Marathon, thinking that doing a 5k race three weeks post-half would be C A K E…..Except NOT. Because neither of us really ran at all during those three weeks post-half, we both had sore throats and were sick leading up to race day, and when we got to the race we admitted it wouldn’t be our best race ever and laughed about how we would probably die of a cough attack halfway through. Which is totally okay because having “bad race days” is just part of the journey. 🙂

The view made up for it not being the best 5k I’ve done though; the weather was perfect and I didn’t really mind taking my time running next to the open ocean and breathing in the salty air.

My ending time ended up being 30:38 (9:52/mile) which wasn’t ALLLL that bad considering mile 1 had me at an 11 minute mile (NOT happening people. Not happening)…but I didn’t even care since my lungs felt like they were going to collapse once I finished due to being sick. But whatevs because we got cool medals and 30th anniversary tees! And that makes it all worth it. 😉

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