How To Be (and stay) Happy

Everyone wants to be happy. Right? Obviously. But how many people are actually, completely, 100% happy with where they’re at in life? Mmm, not as many. And this is an unfortunate truth. But the good news is folks that you don’t need to wait for your big break to happen, for that job you’ve been desperately wanting to hear back from, or for Netflix to get better movies (can I get an amen) in order to become a 100% happy person despite the circumstances.

Captain Crunch

Happiness is a mental choice, not a privilege. Life is messy sometimes (okay, maybe more than sometimes) but messes can always be cleaned up, or at least tidied up, and lets face it — nothing will ever be “perfect.” But we all deserve to be happy RIGHT NOW, not later, and not “when this thing happens then I’ll be happy.” SO that being said, here are 10 ways to find and maintain your own happiness:

1. Be YOURSELF. This is one trend I have noticed (both in myself and in others): we try to be someone or something we aren’t really. And for what reason? To look cool? To fit in? Pbbth. Pretending to be anything other than ourselves is exhausting and in the end, never is fulfilling. There isn’t anyone else out there like YOU, baby. So throw that mask off, stay true to your morals and values, and let yourself shine!

2. Take care of yourself. These two are probably the two most important ones on this list so if you don’t get to the other ones, at least you got this far! Cease right now from all of the following: eating junky foods, talking down to yourself, dwelling in the past, thinking negative thoughts about “what could’ve been,” and reminding yourself of all the things you don’t have. How can you be happy with all those bad vibes goin’ on!

3. Let go of the past. Now this one is a hard one, trust me. Dwelling on anything that you cannot change doesn’t do any good, ever. Think instead about all the things you HAVE accomplished, all the places you’ve been, and all the good things that have came out of the bad. God has a plan for you and He hasn’t forgotten about you (dwell on Jeremiah 29:11). Besides how can new blessings flow into your life if your fists are closed and holding onto the past?

4. Do something you love EVERY day. This one is fun! Whether it be reading, drawing, going for a walk, exercising, going on a hike…you need to fill your day with things that make you smile and make you happy. If you’re not already doing this, then find something that makes you happy (a healthy, safe thing) and GO DO IT. This does not mean partying your face off. Hangovers are in no way related to happiness.

5. One word: STARBUCKS. There is nothing that a drink from their secret menu can’t fix. I mean HELLO, have you even tried Captain Crunch Frappuccino?! Or their Triple Berry Cobbler Frappuccino? Skip out your mundane vanilla latte for a day to try out of these tasty babies, and there’s NO way you won’t walk out with a smile on your face.

6. Find a new hobby. Why not try something new? If you’re tired of the same ol’ stuff happening in your life, make a change. “But how do I make that change? What new stuff can I do?” Glad you asked, friend. Check out my post on Five Ways to Make Life a Little More Interesting for some fresh and fun ideas!

7. Be in the moment. These days it’s so easy to get wrapped up in social media and the endless scrolling it brings. We often forget how to just be in the moment! Put your phone down (or even turn it off for a while if you’re feeling extra daring) and get away from technology for a few hours! Life goes by so fast and before you know it, it’s Monday again. To be in the moment you can: watch the sunset without taking photos of it. Go to a concert without holding your phone up to record videos of the bands. Take a trip to a cool place without checking in on Facebook! Live in the moment and your experiences will be a lot more worthwhile.

8. Spread the happiness. Seriously this works every time. This could be as simple as writing a sweet note to your friend telling them how great they are or that you’re glad you’re friends. Or you could go all out and pay $50 bucks to the barista at Starbucks to use on everyone else in line behind you! Do something that will benefit others without expecting anything in return.

9. Treat yo’sef. Boy do I know how to do this one. But no one’s judging! My mom has always told me “Just eat the extra brownie. Get the gel polish instead. Buy the shoes!” While remembering to do these in moderation, allowing yourself to be treated to something is NICE and can make all the difference in your mood! (Brownie points if you make up a system for it, such as for every hour you workout, put 5 bucks into a travel/cheat day/splurge fund).

10. Stay positive. And optimistic. And excited about life! Yeah this is the hardest one, which is why I saved it for last. Staying positive despite what you’ve been through or are currently going through can be pretty difficult. God hasn’t answered that one prayer yet, you’re going through a break up (or divorce), your job didn’t pick you for the promotion, everyone is getting engaged except you. But what good is it going to do if you think your life isn’t blessed or amazing already? All things work out in God’s timing. All things happen for a reason. You can either sulk around about not getting what you want, OR (and this is my favorite) you can have a DGAF mentality (eep!) and say “you know what, I’m going to CHOOSE to be happy. I’m going to get rid of toxic people/this toxic job/this toxic mentality I have in my life and choose to be happy and grateful for what I do have, instead.”

Every day is a fresh start, and it’s never too late to create a new fresh start (even if it’s 9pm and you had the worst day and are about to reach for that gallon of cookies and cream!). And this my friends, is exactly the path to finding and maintaining your own happiness.


What things do you do to maintain your own happiness? Is there anything you’d want to add to this list? Feel free to comment below with things that work for you to keep the inspiration and encouragement flowing! ❤ 😀

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