This Is How We Do: Motherhood + Google Part 2

Motherhood and Google letterboard

Welcome to another week of #TMAthisishowwedo! If you are just now following along to my new weekly series, catch up on they why behind it, on this post. This week’s topic is a follow up/part 2 to last week’s, “When Google Is My Therapist” with more real-life Google searches about motherhood and parenting.

In my most desperate hour of need, I will inevitably turn to Google to help me solve my latest parenting dilemma. This week alone, I searched the following:

– “how to get play doh out of a suede chair”
– “how to get toddler to stop drinking bath water”
– “how to help toddler not be afraid of the dark”
– “toddler drank some of my coffee should I be worried”
– “how long does the first sleep regression last”
– “signs of heat exhaustion in toddlers”

Seeing as how Google is every mom’s on-call therapist… 😂 I rounded up some more mama’s to share their most recent Google search for #tmathisishowwedo Motherhood + Google. For every facepalm moment of motherhood, there’s a Google search for it. They go hand in hand, am I right!! Read below for some relatable and real-life Googles from moms:

Real Things I’ve Googled In The Moment

“Ezra wasn’t always super regular, and when I felt like I had to take matters into my own hands I turned to Google for help! It yielded some questionable results, but out of desperation I gave one of them a try. A few minutes, some hesitations, and a Q- tip later we experienced the record breaking poop shot of 2016, which we still talk about 3 years later!” –Lydia, @thriftandthimble_

“One of the most recent things I’ve googled is Braxton Hicks contractions. One night I was having a lot of cramps and hardness in my stomach. I’ve had very mild contractions starting in the third trimester, but this was different. After the cramps started getting more intense and feeling like real contractions, I told my husband and we both flipped out. Turning to Google, I researched what Braxton Hicks feels like and knew not to be worried if they discontinued (which they thankfully did after about an hour)!

Another google search early on in my pregnancy was a result of leg pain during my runs. I thought maybe I just over did it, rested for a week, and tried running again only to discover the pain in my calves just as before. Finally I did a google search and found out that pregnancy can cause vericose veins. I never expected that pregnancy could affect me in so many ways!” –Laryssa, @LaryssaMoore

“I tell you the tale of the time that I googled (yes, word for word might I add) the following: “how do you fix a cracked nipple.” Not my brightest moment during the first few weeks following my daughter’s birth. But hey, at least I learned that it was 100% normal and that I wasn’t alone in my somewhat creative home remedies. Thanks Google!” –Jess, @jess_cartright

“We are 5 months along and our baby girl struggles with her night sleep. I’ve started having a mild form of PTSD after 9pm because I knew she was going to wake and be up for hours. So we consulted our sleep book and it was time to start letting her “cry it out.” First night, she cried for an hour and went to sleep. Woohoo! Second night, she cried but her crying seemed intense. I thought she may be hungry. I went in to pick her up and she was covered in her own vomit. In her ears, her hair, and down her back. When I picked her up she gave me the biggest smile that said: I won!” –Bailey, @bailey.t.hurley

“I’m a worrier by nature. So I’m not exactly sure why I thought motherhood would look any different on me, but I have to admit that I’ve run to Google in fear + panic far more times than I can count in these first few weeks of new motherhood. Googling the craziest things like, “Is it okay if my newborn swallowed a piece of fuzz?” all the way to desperate pleas of “How to naturally treat constipation in newborns.” But my most recent and arguably best Google searching to date is something I never thought I’d type, yet so desperately hoping for it be true has been, “Do farts count as burps?”

And oddly enough, my google searches haven’t convinced me that my child is suffering from sudden death and I should seek immediate counseling, but rather I’ve found myself learning a lot about bodily functions and growing in my confidence as a new mom. And for what it’s worth, farts do not in fact count as burps, so keep up the back patting mama!” –Mallory, @forwearesaltandlight

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