This Is How We Do: Motherhood + Google Part 2

Motherhood and Google letterboard

Welcome to another week of #TMAthisishowwedo! If you are just now following along to my new weekly series, catch up on they why behind it, on this post. This week’s topic is a follow up/part 2 to last week’s, “When Google Is My Therapist” with more real-life Google searches about motherhood and parenting.

In my most desperate hour of need, I will inevitably turn to Google to help me solve my latest parenting dilemma. This week alone, I searched the following:

– “how to get play doh out of a suede chair”
– “how to get toddler to stop drinking bath water”
– “how to help toddler not be afraid of the dark”
– “toddler drank some of my coffee should I be worried”
– “how long does the first sleep regression last”
– “signs of heat exhaustion in toddlers”

Seeing as how Google is every mom’s on-call therapist… 😂 I rounded up some more mama’s to share their most recent Google search for #tmathisishowwedo Motherhood + Google. For every facepalm moment of motherhood, there’s a Google search for it. They go hand in hand, am I right!! Read below for some relatable and real-life Googles from moms: Continue reading

Three Weird Things I Should Not Be Enjoying About Motherhood But Actually Am

A couple days ago, I was chatting with a mom friend about life and dreams and the beautiful trials and realities of motherhood + marriage. I LOVE those types of conversations, where you can dream together and understand each other’s situations and offer empathy and a shoulder, and just be REAL together. In the middle of our conversation about being a mother and all the hard work it entails, I realized something….what may seem trivial and draining during those long days of non-stop giving, is actually a huge gigantic blessing that is life-giving and so rewarding. 

There are so many wonderful things that I love about being a stay at home mom, but after thinking about all that I do for my little girl and our family daily, I narrowed it down to three not-so-typical things that I actually really appreciate about being a mom:

1. Planning my days around a breastfeeding and nap schedule

On any other day before I became a mom, I could get out of the house and go wherever I wanted for hours on end when John was at work! It was pretty great, and I got loads of “me” time. However, since having Izzy earth side, that independent schedule has totally changed…. Continue reading