10 Simple And Festive Activities To Celebrate Fall

THE MINI APARTMENT fall activities 2019I love when Fall comes around – but rarely do I feel like we have time to do all the fall activities that we want to do! This year, I thought it would be a better idea to make a simpler “bucket list” of fall activities. This list is full of fun and festive ideas to do during fall that are either free or cost next to nothing! You can do all of these activities with little prep, and on any day of the week.

Some fall bucket lists can be a bit overwhelming with so many things to pack in, and others include things that not everyone has access to (like jumping in the leaves or sitting by the fire – we don’t get opportunities like that in San Diego!). This simple bucket list for fall includes seasonal activities to do no matter where you live!

Click the link below to download and print your free fall activity printable (in color and on cardstock if you want the full effect) – then hang it on your fridge or cork board so you can access it all season long! And make sure to check out the details on each item below to make the most out of this simple fall activity bucket list 🙂

1. Go on a leaf hunt
We just did this the other day around the lake. Izzy collected leaves of all shapes and sizes, and we looked for ones that were mid-change in a beautiful fall ombre of green fading to red. You can also make it into a nature scavenger hunt with pebbles, feathers, and other nature things.

2. Make a pinecone garland
This one is super simple – for a quick and fun sensory fall activity for kids, you will need about 3 ft. of yarn and several pine cones. Wrap the yarn around each pine cone a couple times, and the make a loop at each end to hang it on the mantle.

Or use this tutorial here for an adult-version pinecone garland.

3. Create apple stamps
Making apple stamps is super easy! And you can use any apple for it. Simply cut the apple in half vertically, and remove the seeds. Then paint the inside of both pieces with acrylic or tempura paint. Then press onto banner triangles or paper, and let dry. Check out this tutorial for an apple stamp felt banner that would be great for decor or to gift.

4. Bake a pie
Any pie will do – pies smell amazing and are an underrated fall dessert that everyone enjoys! My favorites to make are pecan and apple.

5. “Boo” your neighbor
“you’ve been boo’d” — this is such a fun way to surprise your neighbor with a festive (anonymous) gift basket for Halloween! It’s basically ding dong ditch, after leaving a surprise at the door 😉

First, choose something to carry the goodies in (a bag, a small bucket, a box, etc.) and then, fill it with treats! Things like washi tape, small Halloween notepads, pencil toppers, Halloween stickers, and fun sized candies that are allergy friendly are great if your neighbors have kids. Mini booze (or boos, hehe) bottles, a starbucks card, festive straws, a Halloween mug or cup, and candy could be included if you have adult neighbors without kids.

Once you’ve got your “you’ve been boo’d” box complete, leave a note with instructions on how they can return the “boo’d” favor to more neighbors along with a sign they can place on their window or door or mat that says “we’ve been boo’d!”

Look for a “How To Boo Your Neighbor” blog post coming in the next couple weeks, containing free digital downloads you can print and use for your own neighbors! ❤

6. Press leaves + flowers and frame them
You can use what you find on your leaf hunt walk to press and frame! Use these year round as seasonal decor, or make a few different pressed leaf/flower prints and rotate them throughout the seasons.

How to press leaves and flowers: Lay your leaf/flower flat in the middle of a book. Stack heavier objects on top of the book (like more books, or a heavy paperweight) and leave for 2-4 weeks. Once it’s flat and pressed, remove your flowers and leaves and place into a frame to create seasonal decor. Head to this tutorial for a more in depth description on how to make your own!

7. Make fancy s’mores
Most people throw a marshmallow and chocolate in between graham crackers, and call it a s’more. But did you know that there’s so much more to s’mores than just that?! At our house, we like to make s’mores brownies. You can also have your s’mores in between two cookies, with a rice krispy, or as a trail mix. Click here for a full list of how you can up your s’mores game 🙂

8. Paint or carve pumpkins
I’ve always been one to carve pumpkins – but this year I’m going to paint my pumpkin! Painting pumpkins allows them to last a lot longer than carving does – and gives less mess too.

9. Decorate for Halloween
It’s so much fun to decorate for the holidays. This year is the first year I bought Halloween-specific decorations, because I’m throwing a Halloween party this year! Hanging fake cobwebs and placing pumpkins and spooky spiders around the house is fun for everyone to do together. Finish it with a Halloween movie and homemade hot cider to make it even more memorable.

10. Indoor camping
Yes, a pillow fort totally counts as indoor camping! Move the furniture, set out pillows and blankets or sleeping bags, and have a camp out in your living room for the night. Bonus points if you incorporate making s’mores for dessert, or roast hot dogs for dinner!

click here to download + print the 2019 fall activity bucket list

THE MINI APARTMENT fall family bucket list 2019

What is your favorite thing to do during fall? Mine is pull out all of my fall decor to make our home feel warm and cozy for the season. Hope you download and enjoy this free printable! Let me know if you complete anything on this list, or add your own to it!

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