Why This Woman’s Watch Has Turned Into My Ultimate Accessory

this post is in collaboration with Jord Watches. All opinions are honest, authentic, and my own. ❤  

If there’s something I wish I had more of, it’s time. I never really felt the weight of “time being a thief” until I became a mother! After that, I quickly realized how fast our little ones grow up and how hard it is to stay present minded with them. Everything became more simple and more focused on making the most of my hours spent at home + and my hours spent on work.

what makes this watch different

It’s so easy to lose track of how much time we spend plugged into tech. As much as I can, I want to not reach for my phone to tell me something as simple as the time – because it’s easy to check it, and then stay on it from getting distracted by my apps and notifications. That said, I was so excited when Jord Watches reached out to me for a partnership!

Their watches are not only designed and built with amazing quality wood ethically sourced from sustainable forests, they are also crafted with insane attention to detail. One of my favorite things this company values is how we spend our time. They prioritize being present over being “plugged in,” and the importance of living in the moment – something I value the most too!

With these core values aligned with my own as a busy mom, I knew this would be an amazing company to share with my mama friends and busy boss babes who value their time, moments, and minutes.

custom watch engraving

This opportunity to be gifted a custom watch designed just for me that perfectly matches my style was exactly what I needed to find rest on my search to be more intentional with my time. They even offered to engrave it! So I chose a quote that sits deep within my heart: “The days are long, the years are short.”

This is such a powerful reminder for me as a mom because the truth is, my little one (and a second one on the way!) won’t always be little. That precious time with my kids and my husband is one thing I can never get back – this quote is a wonderful way to remember to always focus on being present and unplugged with my family. Having that engraved on the back of my watch, something I wear now everyday, keeps my intentions and heart in the right place with how I use and prioritize my time.

The engraving service Jord offers on their timepieces is a beautiful reflection of what they value – living present-minded and cherishing every moment. You can even have the outside of the gorgeous wooden box it comes in engraved if you’re giving it as a gift – how unique is that?!

living life unplugged

I am not a huge fan of being plugged into technology everywhere I go – this is the reason I don’t own an iPad, Apple Watch, or have an Alexa. I long to be unplugged and not have notifications or beeps or check-in’s follow me everywhere I go! Wearing a watch from Jord has freed me from the need to look at or be on my phone, without sacrificing my ability to stay on schedule.

A modern and intentionally designed watch is the ultimate accessory for the busy mama who longs to be more present-minded with her kids! And if you don’t have kids yet, it’s the perfect choice for women who want to be more intentional, present, and unplugged within their marriages and relationships.

I also love that every one of their watches is designed without any extra+unnecessary flair or tech to distract from those memory-making moments.

make every minute count

Since becoming a mom, my priorities have totally shifted. I am more intentional with our family time, I value moments over minutes, and I make time every day to play and laugh with my little one as I watch her grow. Not having to rely on my phone for the time now makes such a difference in how I manage my day – I don’t get distracted and side tracked by Instagram or Pinterest or other apps that take away from me being fully present in my daily life.

Making every minute count is so important to me as a stay at home/work from home mama. I look at screens all day for my job, and tend to feel like I just can’t pull away from technology even when I’m off the clock. So it’s super refreshing to have an accessory such as these watches to remind me to spend time unplugged!

Plus, it’s a gorgeous timepiece. The dark wood mixed with light make it effortless to match my other accessories to, depending on if I’m dressing up or casual. One of my favorite things is how the emerald green watch face looks different depending on the lighting! This watch is a super versatile and timeless piece that I can wear throughout any season, with any outfit.

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