Holiday Gift Guide | The New Mama

When I was pregnant with my first baby, there were so many items that were gifted to me or that I had purchased for myself to make life a bit more easier after baby came home with us. I rounded up the best gifts for the new mama that won’t cost you an arm and a leg below! These are perfect for mothers of any number of kiddos, whether it be their first baby or 5th.

Bringing home a new baby is a joyful adventure and every new mama will greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness you’re bringing with one of these cozy and intentional gifts. So make a list and check it twice – and gift that new mama something super nice! 😉 This list includes items from $3-$50, which makes it easy to pick and choose what to gift according to your budget.

holiday gift guide for the new mama

These products can be used as stocking stuffers, as a welcome home gift when that mama brings her baby home, as a “yay you’re pregnant!” gift, or combined with other essential new-mom items to create a functional and thoughtful gift basket full of things she will love!

1. Cozy Maternity Jammies | These waffle knit pj’s from Pink Blush will make a perfect cozy loungewear set for the new mama! Front buttons are nursing friendly, and this set is designed to work with your body before, during, and after pregnancy. Plus, it comes in 4 colors and is super soft. Pink Blush offers so many choices for comfy clothes for the new mama!

2. A Promptly Childhood Memories Journal | These Promptly journals not only look very pretty, but they cater to new mamas of bio-babies and adopted babies (there’s a journal for both!). These journals come in a variety of colors, and each have thoughtful, not intimidating, easy fill-in prompts that take you from birth til 18 years old. Every mama should have one of these so they can remember every detail of each of their child’s life!

3.Practical (yet stylish and comfy) Undies| Let’s face it — those first weeks postpartum are not comfortable. You’ll be sore and achy, and won’t want to wear your normal panties for a while. Postpartum undies won’t irritate stitching, they keep the mess in, and provide support for those oversized pads she will be wearing for a while. I got myself several pairs of these comfy stretchy boy short undies for my last pregnancy! If you’re on the hunt for quality postpartum undies in person, look for mesh, cotton, or microfiber fabrics that are thicker than regular panties and provide full coverage – like these from Target.

4. Breathe, Mama, Breathe Book | I love reading encouraging, inspirational, uplifting books for mamas that focus on bettering our emotional and mental health. This book is amazing! It covers how you can benefit from just 5 minutes of mindful meditation a day, and how to find time for that during the day as a busy mama.

5. Pressing Pause Book | Oh man, if there was one book I didn’t know I needed until I read it, it’s this one. Each day offers short devotionals with topics every mama faces at some point in her motherhood journey. From “turning worry into worship” to “I didn’t sign up for this” to “drowning out distractions,” this book is perfect for mamas at any stage in parenthood to press pause on the chaos of their day. Each devo allows you time to meet with Jesus to refresh your mind, soul, and spirit. I can’t say enough good things about this one!

6. Thoughtful and Intentional “Mom-Hall Pass” | Every new mama, whether she’s on her first or fourth baby, just wants a break. Whether it’s to take an uninterrupted nap, to have the dishes clean and put away themselves, or to tidy up the house – offering your time to a new mama is probably one of the most precious and thoughtful gifts you could give! You could do it in the form of a text or in a card, but just tell your new mama girlfriend that you’re coming over on a specific day and time to take care of her needs so she can spend that time doing whatever else she pleases. Don’t let her say no, either!

Here are some thoughtful mama-hall pass ideas:
– Vacuum or swiffer the heavy traffic areas in her house
– Do her laundry for her, and fold/help put away
– Take her older babies out for a few hours to the library and the park so she can spend time at home with the newborn
– Pay for a date night out with her and her hubby, while you babysit the kiddos
– Bring her some home cooked meals so she/her hubby don’t have to cook or order take out
– Treat her to a blowout at a drybar, getting her nails done, or a facial so she feels like a human being again (those first few weeks postpartum she will most likely feel like a zombie).

7. Birthstone Necklace | A simple and sweet dainty piece for the new mama to wear daily. Each necklace is a double layer, with the longest piece holding a row of five stones in baby’s birth month color.

8. Capri Blue Volcano Candle | Anyone who has ever stepped foot into an Anthropologie knows this heavenly signature scent. And if you’ve never experienced this smell, you MUST! This candle ranges in price from $12-$30 depending on the size you get. The canisters are perfect for the holidays and create a lovely “welcome home” gift for a new mama.

9. Cozy Fuzzy Socks | Let’s face it – there’s nothing like sliding into a pair of cozy comfy fuzzy socks and bundling under a blanket in front of the fireplace. All new mamas want (and probably most mamas!) is clothing that is cozy, comfortable, and easy. And warm socks for those long days and nights of nursing will make her feel like she’s being wrapped in a warm hug! I love these ones from Target – they’re perfect for stocking stuffers or to add to a themed gift basket! At only $3-$5 a pair, you can’t beat the price. Plus, they come in several cute patterns and colors!

10. A Lasting Lip Color She Can’t Live Without | If you’ve been around my Instagram for a while, you’ll know that I am a die hard fan of Lipsense. When I tried it for the first time last summer, I was blown away by it’s magical powers of being so long lasting!

I ditched every single tube of lipstick and chapstick I used to wear, and have only been wearing Lipsense since. There are over 50 colors to chose from, and each color tube lasts over a year! The glossy gloss is UHmazing too – it is the most hydrating thing I’ve ever worn on my lips. The last thing new mamas need is to spend time applying makeup that they will need to keep touching up throughout the day. Gift her some Lipsense and I can guarentee you she will be over the moon excited that she can apply it once then never have to reapply throughout the day!

If you are a gal (or if you’re gifting for someone) who hates reapplying their color throughout the day, is looking for once-and-done makeup, and is a fan of wearing some color on their lips, grab a Lipsense Essentials Kit! This essentials kit comes with your choice of one color, one gloss, and one remover. It retails for $55, but I am offering it for 10% off throughout the holiday season. Place your order by Dec 15 to ensure that it reaches you on time for Christmas! Send me a message here to grab a kit – either as a gift, or for yourself! Also send me a message to find out more info on the magic of Lipsense from a real-girl who loves and (religiously) uses it every day.

I hope you loved this gift guide! Make sure you check back every week before Christmas, as I have a ton of gift guide themes that will be rolling out to cater to everyone on your list. From teachers, to your man, to your best girlfriends, to family members…you’ll find something unique, thoughtful, and cost effective for everyone. Xo!

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