40 Week Bump Update

Today is my 280th day and 40th week being pregnant – and at this point, I’m tired of waiting for her to show up! Like, girl what’s taking so long?! To which John said, “she’s just likes to sleep in, like me” (John could sleep in for days if he wanted to) which could be true, however, I’m really crossing my fingers for her to show up on 4th of July. Because, nothing beats birthday fireworks every year. 🙂 I’ve tried everything to get her to come on time – spicy foods (sriracha on everything), pillow talk, greasy pizza, long walks, 2 membrane sweeps now (um, OUCH), dancing around the house…but she’s apparently perfectly content being in my belly for longer than 40 weeks! So since today is her due date and she hasn’t come yet John and I decided to take advantage of the last bit of alone time and went to the beach, got ice cream, and now we’re grilling up some fried egg avocado burgers for dinner for some pre-4th festivities.

what being 40 weeks in looks like for me

5 fun facts about being 40 weeks pregnant:
1. I can still paint my own toenails. I would definitely call this a win.
2. I haven’t gained any more weight since 38 weeks – and my size xs jean maternity shorts still fit 😉
3. I can jump up and down without feeling like I’ll cause a crater to form.
4. I can still shave (all of) my legs.
5. (Almost) mastering the “roll” out of bed – which involves a lot of acrobatic effort and not-so-gracefully maneuvering over my snoogle.

^she’s snug as a bug and doesn’t want to meet us yet I guess!

5 things I have loved during this pregnancy:
1. Feeling our baby move around in my tummy
2. Knowing that our baby is a GIRLLLLL! ❤
3. Nesting – setting up the nursery, buying baby things, organizing our apartment…I feel SO PRODUCTIVE!
4. That I have not gotten any stretch marks, much swelling, heartburn, morning sickness, or other preggo side effects. Score!
5. Knowing that John and I will soon become “mommy and daddy” – makes me get all the feels about our relationship journey ❤

^izze soda and izzy baby

5 things I have not liked during this pregnancy:
1. The never-ending weight gain and watching my abs go into hibernation.
2. Not being able to wear the majority of my wardrobe the past 6 months.
3. Being able to pee pretty much on command – it’s like a weird super power.
4. That I didn’t get that amazing-flowy-full-pregnancy-hair like my mom did with me.
5. The lack of precious sleep after 36 weeks/waking up every 2 hours/not being able to fall asleep and stay asleep.

^today at the beach, and we got ice cream after!

5 things John has learned during/about this pregnancy (in his own words):
1. How to cater to my wife: She’s working so hard to grow this baby for us so I’ve tried to work just as hard to make sure she is comfortable and taken care of – such as helping her out of bed when she can’t roll out herself, getting her water and checking on her when I come home from work at night.
2. My wife gets overwhelmed easily: She’s had a hard time with certain things such as her favorite clothes and shoes not fitting, having to go to the bathroom every 2 hours, getting out of breath easily, etc. Learning how to support and encourage her through these struggles has helped me grow as a husband – I’ve learned to be emotionally present and strong for both of us when she needs it the most.
3. She’s definitely slowed down: Before she was pregnant, my wife loved to go on adventures all the time and now, she’s fine chillin at home/having down time. Which is nice, because we get to relax and I can take care of her – my favorite thing to do for her is give her feet and legs a massage and then put her in a foot bath with bubbles.
4. My wife looks to me for support: There’s actually a lot of stuff she can’t do and she’s not supposed to be working too hard. Learning where to help out without her asking has been fun 🙂
5. I’ve gotten more in touch with my emotional/dad side: I’m more motivated to work harder at work and at home because I’m now working for my family – for my wife and our baby. I also love thinking about my daughter, and what the future will be like being a dad. I’m also more attentive to types of parenting when Becca and I are out – taking note of things I will and won’t do as a dad to my kids.

Here’s to hoping our baby will decide to come out by 11:59pm on July 4th! If you don’t yet, follow me on instagram for baby updates ❤ Xo

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