38 Week Bump Update and Maternity Photo Session Recap

Baby is the size of a baby bok choi, and weighs about 6.5 lbs ❤ She should be almost done gaining her baby weight – we are so ready for her to get here already!

Weight gained: I’m at 162lbs! At first I was freaked out by how fast the numbers climbed on the scale, but now I’m like eh, whatever. It’s just a number, and it’s because of a baby. I’m due in 10 days, so total weight gained during this pregnancy has been about 35 lbs. And luckily, it’s been mostly belly for me 🙂

Symptoms: I get worn out easily, have minor swollen feet (at night mostly), and (probably) a bruised up ribcage from how hard she moves around in there!

Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: Pj’s. All day! Or stretchy shorts/maternity shorts with a belly band, and loose-fitting flowy tops.

Nursery update: It. Is. FINISHED! ❤ See it all set up, here. Now all we need is the baby!

Pregnancy related Item I have loved this week: I’m still all about those nursing bras for comfort, but I’ve definitely been appreciating my snoogle too. I don’t know what I would do without it to sleep comfortably!

^ She officially dropped!!

1 thing I am currently having trouble with: On the flip side from the previous answer, I’m definitely having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Also, having to get up to go pee every two hours doesn’t help either.

1 moment I loved about this past week: Some much MUCH needed quality time at home. After getting on maternity leave I finally had the time and energy to devote to setting up the nursery, unpacking the last of our moving boxes, and get our apartment straightened up so it looks and feels more like home. It’s been really nice to start the nesting process, and to relax!

1 thing I plan to to do for myself this week: Get one last pedicure in before delivery day! It’s hard enough to shave my own legs (though I can still manage), let alone try to paint my toes!

1 thing my husband has been amazing at during this time: Being supportive of how I’m feeeeling (commence sappy eye roll). I’m already a sensitive person, and being pregnant has turned up the sensitive o’meter several notches – aka I cry for no reason on occasion – and when I do, John runs at me with this face of “OMG LET ME HOLD YOU” and cups my face in his hands and sushes me, saying it will all be alright. I have a feeling he will be just the same towards baby E when she’s not feeling so hot either ❤

Currently working on: Mentally preparing for our baby to arrive! It’s still surreal knowing that she can come any day now and that when that day comes, our lives are going to be changed forever. It’s weird to think that we will turn into a family on that day, and that from that day on we will be responsible for raising a little human. Yikes!

maternity photo session recap

I found Marie Monforte at the floral crown workshop/event I planned for BHLDN at Anthropologie in Carlsbad, CA back in April – I had featured florists every month for the bridal shop, and April’s florists were Infinite Succulent and Craft Blooms. They brought in their friend Marie to do the photos for the event, and after I saw the finished product I knew I had to have her for our maternity photos!!! She was super fun to work with, told us exactly what to do pose-wise, and delivered our finished images within 24 hours.

I waited until the sort of last minute to get our photos done, because I wanted to be as full-bellied as I could look (plus I had a hair appointment for a fresh ‘do that I was trying to plan our session around LOL). We went to a forest preserve about 30 minutes from our house – I LOVED all the flowers that were still in bloom! The style we were going for was soft and etheral, with a nod to boho. Here are our favorites:

I also made my own flower crown for the shoot, and did my own hair and makeup! I picked up pretty stems from Trader Joe’s (about $20 total), and grabbed some brown floral wire and floral tape from Michael’s ($3 total after coupons!). I had a lot of leftover stems that I used to make a gorgeous and yummy smelling arrangement for our table at home.

Outfit Links:

My dress: Free People
My Shoes: Anthropologie – sold out, but similar here and here
John’s Shirt: CPO Provisions brand from Urban Outfitters, similar here and here
John’s pants: JCrew
John’s shoes (worn with yellow socks): Sperry’s Top Siders, bought at Nords Rack



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