30 Week Bump Update

*I was 30 weeks at the time I wrote this post, but now I’m at 32 weeks so I have some catching up to do! Nothing much has changed minus her size (which is currently at the size of a cabbage), and that my back soreness has only increased..we are down to a single digit countdown with only 8 more weeks to go until her due date and 4 more weeks of work until I take maternity leave! 

Size: Baby is the size of a cauliflower! At nearly 3 pounds, she is at full speed ahead! ½ a pound gained for her each week at this point means ½ a pound gained each week for me as well – waaah!

Weight gained: Up 27 lbs. from starting weight. I definitely can’t fit into most of my pre-pregnancy pants, but I have gotten into a couple pairs! Thank you Levi’s for stretchy jeans.

Symptoms: Some nasal congestion, tired (but not swollen!) feet, and a sore back.

Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: Dresses with stretch, and mules!

Nursery update: We just moved into a new place, so nothing for little izzy is set up yet BUT we are planning on putting her crib and changing table along the long wall next to our bed. Her theme is going to be whimsical Anthro (colors: greys, oranges and pinks) with a nod to animals. We also just bought the most comfy rocker glider chair for the living room. We also have plans to add fun shelving around the crib to take advantage of wall space for storage 🙂

Pregnancy related Item I have loved this week: Nursing bras for the WIN. I’ve nearly tripled in size (yay) but have been experiencing the joys of back soreness (booo) so wearing something supportive without any wires that is also flexible and built for comfort has been a lifesaver.

1 thing I am currently having trouble with: Finding things to wear that fit, look good, are comfy, AND appropriate for my job (cue heels, no denim, and with an elevated Anthro-aesthetic). I’ve had two breakdowns throughout pregnancy so far where I’ve ended up in my bra and undies lying on the floor in a huge pile of clothes crying because a) I’m not used to navigating this preggo body, and b) Literally nothing fits, except the 5 dresses I own that stretch and are long enough to cover a bump that I’ve worn every day for the last 4 months. Luckily I’m having a summer baby so I haven’t had to worry about dressing for cold weather…but it’s been a struggle finding elevated-work-appropriate things to wear 5/7 days of the week without breaking the bank with a whole new wardrobe.

1 moment I loved about this past week: Some much MUCH needed vacay time with John. April is a huge month for us, with our wedding anniversary and my birthday back to back so we took a long weekend trip to Palm Springs last weekend, and this weekend we are flying back to WA for my baby shower ❤ Having time to relax, be off my feet, and not worry about anything has been nothing short of divine intervention.

1 thing I plan to do for myself this week: Make an appointment to get my hair done! Last week I took myself in for a facial, and the week before was a 60 minute foot massage appointment. Definitely feeling the need for some pampering at this point!

1 thing my husband has been amazing at during this time: Well, everything he’s done has been absolutely amazing and supportive and wonderful…let’s be real! But the thing that has stood out the most is how much he talks about how excited he is about our baby. He’s constantly bringing up fun ideas to do for her nursery area, talking to her while holding my belly, and giving me his best efforts at massages and quality time together before we bring on a new life into our relationship.

Food cravings: Taco Bell. Nooooo shame. And, lots of cereal. 

Currently working on: Improving my mood about my new preggo size and limitations (like not being able to bend over to paint my toes or tie my shoes, wear my favorite jeans or get out of bed gracefully – just gives me the grumps). Just the other day in Palm Springs I was attempting to put on and tie my running shoes for a long hike and John yelled out from the other room “it sounds like you’re benching your max weight over there!” …LOL, thanks husband. The struggle is so real.

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