What I learned during my break from blogging

I was pounding out blog posts several times a week when I started The Mini Apartment, and had all kinds of fresh topics I couldn’t wait to write about. I started this blog right as Summer approached, and I thought I had all the time in the world to devote to it. I soon realized that would not be the case, when I started my new job after grad school, I soon realized it was going to consume all of my free time (and sanity). So cue my unintentional and unplanned blogging break, which lasted roughly 6 months.

THE MINI APARTMENT break from blogging

I had written about 40 posts by the time I took this “break” – which was great for a starter blog to accomplish in a few short months, but I was beginning to lose track of what I wanted my blog to represent, as well as what kind of presence I wanted to cultivate online. Over the several months I was on a blogging break, I learned a lot about myself as a writer and as a person. And overall, I decided that taking a break from blogging (or writing in general) is a great way to reestablish your vision, refresh your thoughts, and further ground yourself in what you want your writing/blog/website to accomplish. Here are a few things I learned during my time out:

1. Breaks are OKAY. And, needed.

I tend to get in the mindset that if I’m not going going going, nothing will get done. It’s in fact the opposite! When you train yourself to chill the heck out, relax, take a break, press pause – even just for a few hours – so much more good can come from it. Taking an adult time-out to read, take a nap, sit on the couch, go on a walk, or meditate to clear your mind will make you feel rejuvenated, revitalized, and ready to take on the day without feeling burnt out.

2. Don’t worry if the thoughts don’t come.

Even the great writers of our time didn’t pound out novels or award winning pieces in a day – and I’m sure a lot of revision and thought process went into even the smallest of chapters. If you feel stuck, or don’t know what to write about – put it aside and get some fresh air. Do something that you know will inspire you to share your journey, or think of something you’ve experienced/figured out/accomplished you can write about that will help others in the same boat.

3. life is more than having a presence online.

I used to be concerned with how many followers I had, how many social platforms I had a presence on, how big or aesthetically pleasing my presence was, and worried about what content or picture I would post every day in order to increase my audience numbers. It all became so exhausting! I began to resent going online because to me, it felt like everyone was trying so hard to get ahead, get the most followers, and post the prettiest photo. Once I decided to not be so devoted to having an online presence, I became more content with being present in real life. It made me happier to experience the moments and keep them to myself, rather than have my phone out to post about every little thing. My husband appreciates it, too 😉 If you love being online that is totally fine too…just be careful about how much you start to care about it.

4. With experience comes inspiration.

Doing what you love and experiencing new things leads to new adventures, new memories, and thus new content 🙂 Whether that be reading a new book series (content: book review, or summer book list), planning a vacation on a budget (content: staycation ideas, things to do in a certain city), transitions (content: how having a baby, becoming a stay at home mom, switching careers, etc. changed your perspective) or even staying home for a day (content: how to entertain yourself/your family with zero dollars, home organization tips, DIY on a dime) – you can find something to write about anything.

Now, go take that much needed break. Reevaluate, recenter, take a nap…and then get to brainstorming about your next adventure!

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