>> In love (today is John and I’s 1.5 years together, as well as 7 months minus one day away from our wedding)
>> tired (I’m pretty much only home to sleep)
>> excited for my classes this semester (though this semester will be my hardest one yet, oof)
>> overwhelmed (see all of the former)

Do you ever feel like your brain is on autopilot and you honestly don’t know how you got from points A through K during the day but somehow you managed to get out of bed (yes this deserves a medal), pick out a decent outfit, work 8 hours, go to class for 3 hours, have quality time with your man, get something decently healthy to eat, drive yourself places, finally get home to sleep, and then you end up in bed and you’re like “………how did I get here”

So goes my life LOL.

READING: I’m still working on reading Alexander McCall Smith’s version of Jane Austen’s classic, Emma. I love how he’s modernized the characters but keeps the storyline the same! I already went through my entire summer reading list twice, so now I’m thinking of books I want to add to my fall reading list 🙂 I feel a fall book list blog post coming soon…

THINKING ABOUT: Starting to get on a “real” workout schedule. No more of these “I want to be toned” or “abs by spring!” exercises…forget being toned, I want to be a FIT MUSCULAR STRONG IN SHAPE BABE for fall *snaps in a Z* 😀 I’m talking a full on fitness schedule like I used to be on while training for my half and while I was teaching classes. Also, lifting and following a strict training plan sounded exciting.

LISTENING: To a lovely playlist I’m working on as background noise to use at some point in our wedding ❤ Take a listen and let me know what other lovey songs I should add!

WATCHING: Doctor Who season 8 with John! Like I mentioned in my post about Netflix we have quite the list of shows that we watch together. And watching Doctor Who stemmed from waiting for all the other shows we got into to get their new seasons up (which still hasn’t happened yet, cough Bates Motel and Sherlock cough). And to be honest I may be obsessing over Doctor Who a bit more than I’m willing to admit. 😀 It’s just SO good and you get so attached to the characters, and we watch probably 5 episodes every time we have a Netflix night (pizza booze telly anyone?). If you haven’t started watching Doctor Who, you really should. Like really. Then you’ll understand all my whovian puns.

EXCITED FOR: My sweet friend Bianca and I are getting together tomorrow to do a super fun double DIY of the perfect end of summer drink, and a how-to on hanging planters complete with dip dye, beads, and REAL plants! Stay tuned for that post, it’s going to be a good one.

30 Awesome DIY Projects — For EVERY Level #refinery29 Beaded Planter by Land Of Nod Macrame is back, and this beaded hanging planter is a cinch to master. Make one for every room.: 30 Awesome DIY Projects — For EVERY Level #refinery29 Beaded Planter by Land Of Nod Macrame is back, and this beaded hanging planter is a cinch to master. Make one for every room.

PLANNING: Our honeymoon to (drumroll) IRELAND! 😀 We finally decided where we want to go and it was a toss up between Italy (slightly cliché and expensive), New Zealand (also expensive and we decided to save that trip for an anniversary together), Canada (too close to home) or on an Alaskan Cruise (too cold in April). So Ireland it is! We have the option of staying in castles, on moores, or in sweet B&B’s. I think this will be my most favorite part of planning so far. That and apartment hunting 🙂

^ I just might die with my camera if this is the view every day in Ireland. Be still my heart!

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