ENJOYING: The wedding planning process! It’s going very well for us; we went cake tasting last weekend at Hey There Cupcake! and this weekend we’re going cake tasting/mini dessert tasting at VG Donut & Bakery 🙂 We’re doing a dessert bar AND a couple smaller cakes, instead of one giant cake to feed everyone. Finding a venue is probably the most challenging thing we had to face so far…we had one pretty much handed to us right away when we first got engaged, however it ended up falling through. So after looking around for a while, we decided on a lush, rustic nursery in Encinitas! John and I have our wedding date set, picked a venue, picked a florist, have our photographer, picked our bridesmaids and groomsmen, are choosing our invite design, and are deciding on where we want to honeymoon! We are torn between adventuring somewhere in New Zealand or going on a cruise to an exotic faraway place. Any recommendations?

^ I can’t get over all of these lovely invitation samples! ❤ So many pretty choices! How do I even decide?! #thestruggleisreal #likeactually #canijusthaveoneofeach

WANTING: To get back into painting and photography. I went to this super rad art+music show last night at House of Blues in San Diego to watch my cousin’s band Splavender play (he’s the drummer). Since I can’t help but make friends wherever I go especially with my people (artists and artsy hip peoples), I instantly started mingling with all kinds of rad vendors about their work and life and cool stuff like that. I miss being in the art scene like that! Post-college career life, man. So anyway, I met one photographer girl from Phoenix who told me to come out so we can travel around Arizona for some scenic photographs because I’ve never been! So excited about that 🙂 Press play for Splavender below. Their psychedelic surf vibe will get you grooving in a MINUTE! My favorite songs are Ice Trayz and British Party Anthem.

EATING: Pancakes for breakfast! …even though it’s already afternoon. Breakfast is probably my most favorite meal to make, and I seriously can’t eat anything for the day unless I eat breakfast food first. John and I do breakfast for dinner on the reg, and have made several amazing Pinterest-worth breakfasts together like paninis, bacon wrapped eggs (done in a muffin tin, SO good), and of course every kind of pancake you can imagine. YUM. Today’s breakfast features bacon and pancakes with blueberries and cinnamon. Nothing fancy, but SO good.

^ I LOVE thick and fluffy pancakes. Used my secret recipe here ❤ Homemade from scratch!

PLANNING: My second (and final) year of grad school. My first year was super fun but I’m excited for the second round, but I’m honestly just mainly excited to get a Master’s Degree and take over the world. Oh and I’m also planning on graduating suma cum laude, if I keep this GPA right where it’s at. What what 🙂

^ here’s me and my youngest brother on his first day of college, and my first day of grad school 🙂

STYLING: My nails. I know, super girly. But hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! I did a gel manicure, I haven’t done a lavender shade yet so I thought I’d try it out. I had light blue on my toes for a while, which is another color I never try, but just today I changed them to pink and sparkles 😀

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