Engagement Photo Session: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

^ We got our engagement photos in the mail the other day!! I love them so much! Being a photographer, I’m always the one behind the camera, doing the photo-taking. I’ve never had my photos professionally taken (and neither has John) so it was fun to be in front of the camera for once 🙂

We flew up to Washington state to celebrate our engagement with John’s family a month ago, and to have our engagement photos done! ….aaaand I’m finally blogging about it. Anyway! The top three things we were excited about for our weekend trip were:

1. Grabbing some Sheridan’s Frozen Custard: The best frozen custard ice cream I’ve ever had in my LIFE, and their only West Coast location is in WA. My favorite ice cream from there is called a Buckaroo. SO GOOD!
2. Eating at Killer Burger: This burger place is John’s heaven, seriously. He will die for one of their peanut butter burgers 🙂 I was skeptical about trying them when we first started dating, but after one bite I was in love!
3. Being back in the Northwest (even just for a little while!): We have both missed the scenery SO much, and we can’t wait to move back after we’re married.

^ Like I mentioned in my post about our favorite Netflix shows, John and I have super been into Doctor Who! So he bought me this cute bookmark to use for the new books he got me 🙂 I brought it on the plane while I read The Forgotten Girls.
^ You can’t go to PDX airport and not take a picture of the carpet.
^ Funny thing, the flight from San Diego to Portland was slightly rainy. Usually it’s the other way around! Portland was incredibly lovely and sunny, though it’s usually is that way in Summer.
^ Speaking of flights…we got to the airport at the ungodly hour of 515am. I was SO tired, I can hardly get up for work at 8am let alone get up at 4am to get ready for a trip! And John works graveyards, so he ended up being awake from Saturday night at 7pm to Sunday night at 10pm…I don’t know how he does it.

^ The Buckaroo from Sheridan’s (my absolute favorite!) ❤ I mean…it seriously can’t get better than this, classic strawberry/banana/hot fudge/vanilla custard. YUM!

^ His grandma has a hammock in her backyard, which we QUITE enjoyed.

For our engagement session, we drove a little over an hour to the other side of the Columbia River (from WA side to OR side) to a pretty (but mini) rest stop where our photos would be done. The lighting was beautiful, the scenery was lush and gorgeous, and we had so much fun being cute together for our photos! Here are some of our favorites:

A TON of people have been asking about where I got my two dresses. The orange one is from H&M, it just recently went on sale (don’t you hate when that happens! Wish it was on sale when I got it!), and the blue print maxi is from Nordstrom ❤ I also was getting questions on how I do my hair, and I’ll do a post about that soon! It’s naturally curly, but for this shoot I teased the top and went to town with friz-ease and hairspray because the wind in the Columbia River Gorge can be so strong!

Our  photos done by the lovely Victoria Carlson Photography. If you’re in the PNW, she’s definitely who you should be going to for photos!  I can’t wait for her to do our wedding in April 2016 ❤

2 thoughts on “Engagement Photo Session: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

  1. Joyce Jansen says:

    Oh, this was fun to see your photos. I am looking forward to the two of you to continue your life together. God bless you both in this beautiful journey!

    Liked by 1 person

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