July 4th Outfit Inspiration

My most favorite part about 4th of July are the fireworks! When I lived in Washington, e v e r y o n e was allowed to set off their own fireworks right in their front yard. So cool! But in California where I’m living now, it’s SO illegal. Last year John and I spent our first 4th together in his quaint forest hometown of Ridgefield, WA where they have an old fashion fireworks parade ever year. We skipped rocks by the river, ate some great BBQ food, and listened to the train go through town as the fireworks went off above the lake. The 4th before that, I spent watching rocket-sized fireworks 30 yards away from where we were sitting at the house I lived in over Summer 2013! I’m telling ya, if there’s a place to be for an awesome fireworks show it’s Washington.

For yesterday’s festivities, I wanted to wear a little something different than red white and blue. So I opted for my favorite color: YELLOW! …yes I know yellow isn’t in the category of patriotic colors, but seeing as how I wanted to try something different than the usual color scheme (I really like going against the crowd haha) I decided to ring in Summer with my favorite color and a bold pattern ❤

I threw on some fun fuchsia lipstick too 🙂 The one I’m wearing is Raspberry Rush 19 by Milani.

I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th holiday!!

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