How To Be Classy In A Non-Classy World

Our society is trying so hard to do away with values, class and morals. And some of us are so used to living in the world that we don’t realize we aren’t actually living the standards of a classy, real-girl..the kind we were created to be. It’s such a shame, and is not the kind of world that I want to raise my kids in someday. But in order to make a change, we need to BE the change we want to see! There IS a way to live a genuine, real-girl life while standing out above the rest. There is a way to live in the world, but not be OF the world, which is the way I always try to live my own life.

Romans 12:2 says “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think and act. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” Here are some examples of how to live a real-girl life that reflects the way God designed us to live:

Having good morals is something that is not instilled today as much as it used to be decades ago. And this is so unfortunate! In our modern world, good manners, wholesome character, and good values have been thrown out the window. Be the change in the world by changing yourself first, starting with your morals. How happier of a world would we live in if everyone valued having good morals? Here’s a short list of what good morals look like:

  • Do not gossip or talk behind other’s backs
  • Do not move in before you’re married
  • Tell the whole truth
  • Don’t drink like a sailor
  • Keep your promises
  • Do not cheat (on tests, on people, or on anything else)
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Do not be cruel
  • Be selfless
  • Have clean language
  • Be trustworthy
  • Uplift and encourage others
  • Be forgiving
  • Have integrity and honesty
  • Be genuine
  • Have patience
  • Be loyal
  • Have respect for yourself
  • Do not flaunt your body
  • Seek justice
  • Have humility and be humble
  • Serve mankind
  • Be generous

What kinds of things do you find yourself talking about each day? Are your words full of vibrance, smarts, and positivity or are they littered with vulgarity, gossip, and negativity? Everything that comes out should leave a wonderful impact on others. Especially during times when you feel like saying things that aren’t exactly nice. Words say a lot about the kind of person you are, so make sure they leave a good impression about your character regardless of the situation you’re in. For example, it says a lot when you can be kind to someone who is not being kind to you.

Society says that dressing skimpy is sexy, and that flaunting your body is sexy and shows confidence. Uh, WHAT? Society also says that in order to get attention from guys, women need to wear revealing clothing and leave little to the imagination. To that I say, LOL NOPE! Dressing that way definitely won’t attract prince charming, let alone any guy who will be worth your time. The guy who will want to take you home to meet his family and who will want to settle down with you will be the one who is looking for a girl with class and modesty — one who knows they don’t need to show off all the goods in order to feel sexy and confident.

Having poise is having humble confidence and grace. Your reaction towards and attitudes in various situations in life says a lot about your character, and is something that will stay with your reputation for a long time. Poise is also about how you carry yourself. Practice being composed, collected, and calm throughout your day. Having poise also demonstrates inner assurance, and an awareness of what your body language is saying at all times.

Good character is a practiced pattern of good behaviors based on your values, moral strength, and integrity…plus the guts to live by those principles every day. Character is established by your life’s virtues and the “line you never cross.” Good character links to having good integrity, and good integrity is something that people will remember about you for a long time.

Fashion: avoid getting caught up in trends, or underdressing. Define your own classic style by dressing up, dressing modestly and enhancing your personality, and wear things that reflect your respect for yourself.

Face: keep a fresh face with makeup that isn’t too overwhelming. My make up routine consists of foundation, pretty/soft eye shadow with a hint of glimmer, defining my eyebrows, some pretty blush, and a lip stain. Don’t hide your natural beauty 🙂 Know how to enhance it without overwhelming it!

Personality: make sure your demeanor is one that reflects light and radiance. Don’t be one to gossip, cuss, or act vulgar. Be humble about your life victories…don’t overly advertise yourself or your accomplishments. Learn how much to reveal and when.

Who You Are Online and in Person: a classy person never tells people “I’m a classy person because ___.” They don’t need to, because their actions say that for them. They also don’t show off how much money they make, excessively talk about what great things are going on in their life online and in person, overly discuss accomplishments (recently engaged, recently pregnant, landed the huge job, met the president, etc.), gossip about the non-classy friend they have, etc.

Technology: With smart phones having social media at the ready, it’s so easy to update statuses, check in, send tweets, take selfies, and post to instagram about what’s going on every 5 minutes of your day. Just constantly being on your phone in general is allowing yourself to disconnect from the real world and miss out on every day experiences that actually matter. So instead of pulling out your phone to update your status about where you ate for lunch or checking in at every place you go to, be classy by keeping it in your purse or away from you for a while. Cherish just BEING in that moment with the people you’re with instead of being on your phone updating the world about what you’re doing.

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