How To Be A Natural At The Gym

Ahh, the gym. One of the most intimidating yet magical places. Do you dread the thought of heading to the gym? Do you not know where to start once you’re there? If any of these thoughts ever cross your mind:

Do I need a towel? She grabbed a towel..

I probably look like I have no idea what I’m doing.

How does this machine work exactly..?

Which one of these machines will give me a toned bottom..hmm

I hope I don’t see anyone I know.

Why is everyone on the elliptical machines? 

OMG I know him. Please don’t see me, please don’t see me

How long do I have to stay here to be “worked out?”

Yeaaah, definitely not sure how to use this machine.

I don’t even know where to start

How do I workout…everything?

Forget it where’s the sauna

…then this post is for you, girlfriend! I’ve compiled some tips and tricks for you to own it at the gym, whether you’re a first time gym goer or if you’re not sure exactly what to do at the gym every time you go.

1. Get the right gym attire together.

FullSizeRender (7)

Throw on some tennies and clothes you can sweat in! Basically anything designed specifically for working out that will wick away sweat and allow your body to breathe is proper gym attire. I usually wear either shorts + a tee or running pants + a race shirt, and fun + comfortable shoes! Here are a few of my gym outfits of choice:

2. Get that confidence up!

All you need is a smile and a good attitude! You came prepared to get a workout in, and a workout you’ll get! You don’t need to walk in there pretending like you know what you’re doing, just be yourself. If you really need a boost, then ask a friend to come with you so you both can figure out the gym together. It’s also fun having someone there so you can motivate each other and figure out a good workout together.

3. Take some classes.

I loooove taking classes at the gym. They’re usually for all levels, so you don’t have to worry about being the only one not knowing what they’re doing. Plus, classes are a great way to get your cardio and strength training in if you don’t feel like using the machines. Not sure what classes to take? Take a peek at my gym class guide 101 to find the right class for you 🙂

4. Get a workout routine in mind before you head for the gym.

It’s always the worst going to the gym then having a blank as to how you’re going to workout for the next hour and a half. Good thing for you, I have TONS of ideas for working out all right here on my Pinterest so you’ll never have to worry about blanking on a workout again! You can also make a quick schedule like this one for a basic weekly workout routine:


Or like this one for a more advanced workout routine that incorporates several different activities and builds over time:

FullSizeRender (15)

FullSizeRender (14)

5. Don’t quit.

I believe in you! And you should believe in yourself 🙂 If you’ve committed (or want to commit) to the gym, you’re already on an amazing start. You’ve got the tips here, now all you need is to get moving and keep it up! You can do anything you set your mind to, even if it’s hard or intimidating at first. And trust me, you’re not alone…not everyone at the gym is a professional exerciser. 😉

I hope these tips helped and you find yourself more confident and excited about conquering the gym! ❤

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