Maple Pecan Drop Cookies

These are one of my FAVORITE cookies to make, ever. They’re so moist, full of flavor, and taste just as good several days later as they did out of the oven. I usually double the recipe so that I end up with several plate fulls.


Whenever I bake, it’s usually very spontaneous and on a whim because I’m craving something sweet. Or, because it’s 10:30pm and there’s nothing else to do. Luckily for me, my pantry is always fully stocked with the basics for baking which means easy access to anything sweet I want! I haven’t decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet…

I also really wish I had a photogenic kitchen. Something in me is like EVERYTHING WOULD TASTE BETTER IF I HAD A PHOTOGENIC KITCHEN SPACE but hey what can you do, right? Real-girls don’t always have photogenic kitchens. Or photogenic countertops. But hey as long as I have a working oven, that’s all I need. ❤

Click the link below for the full recipe. Enjoy!

Maple Pecan Drop Cookies


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