How To Create An Easter Basket On A Budget

how to create a diy easter basket on a budgetEarlier this week on Instagram I shared an easy to make, budget-friendly, DIY Easter basket that I put together for $0 bucks!! I made two of them for both of my daughters, with items I already had on hand at home.

Due to the unforeseen financial hit that a lot of us are experiencing because of quarantine and job loss  (or cut in hours), I wanted to create a resourceful and intentional Easter basket that won’t leave you feeling stretched or guilty for spending a lot of extra money on. Continue reading

A 60th Birthday Surprise!

This is the year my beautiful mom turns 60! I missed celebrating her last two birthdays with her since I was living out of state, so this year I wanted to go all out and surprise her with something absolutely grand. And I did…a surprise getaway weekend to one of my favorite places, Palm Springs! 😀 ❤

palm springs

I had been meticulously planning this girls getaway weekend for WEEKS and it all came together so well in the end despite all the major planning and attention to detail that went into it! Continue reading