EXCITED ABOUT: The (surprise) happy mail packages I sent to two of my sweet friends back in the Northwest earlier this week! Both of them are currently going through stress in their lives and could definitely use a break, so as I was chatting with them over texts a couple weeks ago I decided that if I couldn’t physically hangout with them to make their days better, I could MAIL them something for sure! So I rounded up a bunch of fun things Continue reading

26 Years Young


– april 20 1989 –


I love birthdays. Like, SO much. I love celebrating people in general but having a devoted day to doing that is just spectacular. And naturally, the closer my own birthday gets the more ecstatic I become to turn another year over and embrace a new year full of excitement! This is the year I turn 26, and even though the number isn’t a huge one, I still had a lot of excitement for my birthday this year because: Continue reading