EXCITED ABOUT: The (surprise) happy mail packages I sent to two of my sweet friends back in the Northwest earlier this week! Both of them are currently going through stress in their lives and could definitely use a break, so as I was chatting with them over texts a couple weeks ago I decided that if I couldn’t physically hangout with them to make their days better, I could MAIL them something for sure! So I rounded up a bunch of fun things specific to their personalities, and even color coded their things for fun (pink + yellow, and blue + green). Pop on over to the DIY post I did for ideas on how to make and design your own happy mail package!

LISTENING: To one of my favorite playlists I turn up when I want to space out and get creative. Take a listen and let me know which songs are your favorite in the comments! ❤

THINKING: Of new ideas for  my etsy shop, Stick & Stone Co.! I’m considering starting a monthly subscription surprise box packed with goodies to send out to those who subscribe, joining a craft show or flea market during summer, and possibly making my own beads.
Screenshot 2015-05-08 at 1.03.53 PM

WANTING: To play more guitar. John made me swoon when he played for me for the first time, and after we started dating he surprised me by learning several of our favorite songs on the guitar just to play them for me and for us to sing and play together. Check out something I’ve been practicing here!

LOVING: The rain last night and today! Everyone makes a huge deal when it rains in San Diego (heck it was on the news this morning LOL). I’ve always loved thunderstorms and lightning and being in the rain, but since moving back home from the Northwest I haven’t seen but two days of it the last 9 months! So that was nice.
Screenshot 2015-05-08 at 1.08.26 PM

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