How I Start My Morning Routine With Cold Coffee and Jesus

cold coffee and jesus
I have two kids that are 22 months apart (the oldest just turned 2!). My days usually start with “mommmyyyy! It’s time to wake uppp!” …and then my morning routine begins. I make sure the littlest one is still asleep in her bassinet as I stumble to our bedroom door, yawning down the hall to grab my toddler from her room. She greets me happily, but it’s not yet 8am and my brain hasn’t quite woken up. I don’t smile as big as I should. I mumble something about changing her diaper and getting her dressed for the day.
All I can really think about is getting her in her chair for breakfast, so I can have a few minutes to sit and drink my first cup of coffee. Hot or iced? Which pump flavor should I use today? My mind is caught up in a swirl of almond milk and bold roast as we both head to the kitchen (she runs, I lag behind).

I never used to be such a coffee person before kids – the most I had was a Starbucks drink every other week or so, and maybe a cup from the Keurig a couple times a month. But now? I have about 2 cups a day. One cup per kid. Extra bold, because I have a highly energetic and adventurous toddler. I almost breathe it down because it’s a rare day that I ever finish the cup right after I make it.

Earlier this month, I was making my routine cup in the morning when I felt a tug on my heart to look up at our coffee station. In the morning when I rise, give me J E S U S the wooden sign read. Instantly I was transported to the memory of why I bought it – we had just moved into our first apartment and I set it at our coffee station to remind my husband and myself how we should really start our mornings.

Instantly convicted with that memory, I was startled back to reality as my K-cup started to pour itself into the drip tray because I had forgotten to set a mug under it.

I looked over my shoulder into our bedroom where I could see a glimpse of the devotionals stacked in a pile next to my bed. A pen and paper lay next to my Bible, the paper still blank and waiting for my heart to come out in handwriting.

Looking back to the sign, I set my full cup of coffee down. I headed for my bedroom, eyeing the first devotional on the pile – The Better Mom Devotional: Shaping Our Hearts as We Shape Our Homes by Ruth Schwenk. Extra bold, double shot of the Gospel, coming right up.

I hadn’t realized how thirsty my soul was to be filled – I had been so caught up in trying to fuel my day with coffee and caffeine when what I really needed was to have my cup be filled by the Holy Spirit. Now, I start my day in prayer and thanks. I open my devo on my bedside and my notepad has pages of scribbles.

Now, when I hear her in the mornings, I hurry to my toddler and ask her how she slept – picking her up and twirling her around. She notices I’m more energized and beams at me, holding my face in her tiny hands. As she happily eats her breakfast, I still make my coffee…but now I know where my energy and strength really come from. I’m reminded daily whom I should rely on – and it’s not coffee.

If you’re in a season where you’re fueled by cold coffee and Jesus – follow this hashtag that my mama friends and I created to remind ourselves to start our day off right. And if you’re in need of a devotional or two to motivate you to dive headfirst into the Word, check out this article I wrote for We Are Beautiful on my fav devotionals for the busy woman.

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