How I Whiten My Teeth While Drinking Coffee

This post is generously sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions are honest and my own. ❤

how to whiten your teeth at home

I’ve been on a coffee binge since I brought home the Keurig K-Cafe for John for father’s day (if you didn’t know, he’s a bit of a craft coffee snob). We love to go out for coffee all the time, and have found the most darling little coffee shops near us ever since we moved to Temecula, CA. Great for our tummies, but bad for our bank account!

So since we decided to make a switch and only have coffee at home via the K-Cafe and our french press, we’ve definitely saved money and it’s been more convenient to just make our coffee at home. But, I have also started seeing more noticeably what drinking coffee all the time does to my teeth and I am not a fan!

As a busy girl who wears many hats, I am always looking for ways to help other boss babes out with easy and simple solutions to everyday issues while living a real and fulfilled life. And now, I’m happy to add at-home teeth whitening to the blog as another way that real-girls can show up confidently to our everyday – without sacrificing our coffee 😉 Keep reading for a fun giveaway I’m doing, at the end of this post!

This post has been a long time coming, and I am so excited to share with you guys about my experience with whitening my teeth in partnership with Smile Brilliant! I have tried drugstore alternatives to teeth whitening such as strips and toothpastes that promise to get the job done – but have never really seen actual results from using those methods alone. I also have never tried the dentist method of teeth whitening due to how expensive it can get for multiple sessions.

When Smile Brilliant reached out and asked for a partnership earlier this year, I couldn’t wait to test their method of at-home whitening – which I soon realized was the perfect solution for busy working mamas or boss ladies who just don’t have the time or finances to make a trip (or several) to the dentist.

Plus since adding “drink 1 cup of coffee a day” to my to-do list (LOL) I was excited to know that I can have the best of both worlds – a yummy cup of home brewed coffee, and a white smile.

before & after

My (unedited!) before and after baffled me, because I didn’t realize how white my teeth would get after literally one use of the trays – let alone a couple of months! My teeth are even whiter than this now, and I still have plenty of gel packets should I need to re-whiten. The whitening gel works to removes years of surface stains and goes as far back as your molars, which strips never did for me. The desensitizing gel helps to protect your teeth after each whitening process.

It was insane to see that this actually works you guys. I was always skeptical about at home whitening because of my failed attempts in the past using drugstore kits, but this method has me sold.

The main thing I really loved learning about Smile Brilliant is their gel is actually free of harsh additives that many other whitening kits and gels contain. It’s also cruelty free, and made with vegetable based ingredients. Since starting our journey earlier this year to a more green way of living, I was even more thrilled to know that I wouldn’t have to compromise my values in order to whiten my teeth. 🙂

I’ve been using Smile Brilliant for a couple of months now on and off (because, newborn baby) and I would love to share my insight on how their whitening system has changed my smile and perspective on at-home smile treatments:

It’s the busy girl’s alternative to expensive whitening kits

Their trays range from $139-$169 which is significantly less expensive than what my dentist wanted to charge me for a multi-session whitening! Plus, I could do it in my jammies while making dinner while I babywore Aspen. Talk about convenient!

Results happen after just one use of the trays

After my first use of their whitening system with 1/4 of the whitening gel, I noticed some of my stains were noticeably lighter. And after whitening once every other couple of days or so for a month, it was a night and day difference.

if you don’t like it, you can get a full refund

What dentist will back up their whitening treatment with that guarantee?! Smile Brilliant will give you a full refund if after 45 days you think their method is not working out for you.

you get a top and bottom mold that perfectly fits your smile

The kit comes with a paste that you can mold into your teeth for an exact replica of your teeth. Once their lab sends you your own personal trays, you can start whitening once a day for incredible results that surprised even me. I didn’t ever think that I could have a fully white smile from my experience in using flimsy sticky whitening strips like I’ve tried before, but Smile Brilliant totally changed that (as you can see!!).

snag your own at-home whitening kit!

Get 15% off your first Smile Brilliant whitening kit order with the code “theminiapartment15”
I also am hosting a giveaway for one of their teeth whitening systems, click below to enter:

enter the giveaway!

The fine print: The giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant shop credit. The giveaway is open for 2 weeks starting today (July 22, 2019) and will end on August 5, 2019). It is open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents. All entrants must enter their email address to be eligible to win! Smile Brilliant keeps your email and information confidential, and does not sell to third party affiliates.

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