Announcement: New Weekly Series On Marriage And Motherhood

I have a big announcement! A new weekly series is starting today, over on my Instagram…


We’ve all been there – you’re in the thick of it, and pick up the phone to ask your friends, call your mom, look up Bible verses, Google and search Pinterest – trying to find a clear answer to *thriving* during the daily struggles of balancing marriage, parenting, motherhood, finances, working, time management, friendships, meal prepping, cleaning, going “green”, working out, getting enough sleep….and the first thing you ask or type in is: “how do I do/say/manage/balance/get ____?”

Girl, I see you. I am so right there with you! It’s hard to manage it all, while staying happy and sane. Can I get an amen? This is why I am SO excited to announce a new weekly series I created, that starts TODAY! This series is going to cover hundreds of topics that we all struggle with, featuring real-girl answers and encouragement from some amazing women I’ve met on IG who are now dear friends. Here’s a handful of who you will be hearing from in the coming weeks on all things relating to marriage + motherhood:

Waynna from All Graced Up Motherhood
Becca from My Joyful MOMent
Sarah from Sarah E. Westfall
Jody from Mama In The Midst
Andi from Wildflower Journey
Annie from Nurturing Seedlings
Grace Ann from Hey Grace Ann
Alyssa Calderwood
Sarah Trimble
…and more incredible boss babe women I am blessed to know!

So turn on notifications for @theminiapartmentblog, and follow along if you don’t already so that you stay in the loop and up to date on when the posts are released. Then meet me on Instagram every Friday morning at 9am, for the  #TMAthisishowwedo series (follow the hashtag on Instagram to circle back to the posts whenever you want!).

What is something you find yourself Googling how-to’s on? Drop them in the comments below, or send me a message — Your topic could be featured in this series in the coming weeks!


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