Top 5 Wedding Moments You Will Want To Remember

John and I have been married for 2.5 months now, and each time I think about our married life so far my thoughts fall back to our wedding day – how lovely and happy it was, and how I wish we could relive that day all over again! Not to say that being married so far hasn’t been lovely and happy, but you know. Wedding day feels are still floating around and I have a feeling they will be for a while. That being said, I wanted to share my top favorite moments from my wedding day with you!


  1. Writing my Vows “Last Minute”
    I totally waited to write them until the night before. And honestly I’m glad I waited until then, because I was so full of emotion and love and excitement and newlywed bliss knowing that in 12 short hours I would be John’s Mrs. – it only made sense to wait until the night before to get all of my lovey jitters out on paper! So around 12:45am and after several scratched out journal sheets later, my heart was perfectly revealed – raw and in love, a few hours before the big day began.wedding20
  2. Being with my Maid of Honor that morning
    My maid of honor is someone who I have been friends with for 13 years – we met in middle school through a mutual friend. We’ve gone through a rough patch, years of long distance friendship, happy and sad tears, and all that falls in between. Ashley is also deaf – and I learned sign language for her all those years ago just so we could be friends and communicate 🙂 and best friends we became! We both got so teary eyed as she helped me put on my bracelet, necklace, then shoes…and especially so when she signed her speech to me in sign language during the reception while my other bridesmaid (and also a long time friend) Marya spoke it out loud so that every one else could hear. It was a very touching experience having Ashley there with me for my wedding, knowing that what started as passing notes back and forth in 8th grade English will end as best friends for life. ❤  Check out her Instagram, where she’s on an endevor to teach others ASL: @SignedWithHeart.weddingwedding26wedding25wedding6wedding3
  3. Walking down the aisle to John
    Now our first look was equally as amazing of a feeling, however the real deal is when you walk down the aisle, eyes locked on each other, faces hurting from smiling so big, feeling as though your heart couldn’t possibly grow larger, yet it does with each step you take closer to the altar. My walk was a little long, about 1.5 minutes to get to the alter – which gave me plenty of time to wrap my brain around what I was about to do, all the emotions that were surfacing into tears while my dad held my hand tightly and said “this is it! My blondie.” Nothing can compare to that short walk, which felt like two eternities, John’s eyes fixed on me the whole time while I was slowly losing sight of everything around me but him.wedding18wedding19
  4. Floating around in my dress all day
    They’re right when they tell you to stay in your dress as long as you can because there will never again be a day where you will feel the way you did than on your wedding day in your wedding dress. And they’re right! Twirling around, feeling as if wedding dress fairies came together and sewed a dress made out of sunshine, starlight and feathers. Flowers were in my hair, my bouquet was amazing (I picked out every single flower and greenery), my shoes were so lovely and so me, and my DRESS was omg…the way my dress caught the sunlight, the way it floated behind me like sea foam skimming the top of the ocean, it was just gorgeous. Just the other night John said, “you should put your dress on again and we can have dinner together in our apartment and dance around the kitchen. Who says you only have to wear it once?” …you don’t need to tell me twice, mister! 

  5. Being with John – Just Being 
    The day did pass by way too quickly for our liking, however we both remember so vividly every detail that we experienced together. We couldn’t keep our eyes off each other throughout the evening, staring and smiling and laughing and kissing and just b e i n g. Experiencing the night side by side, talking to each other about how we were currently feeling, how we “couldn’t believe we just got married, like WHAT?!” ❤ Those little moments throughout the evening and then on the ride home back to his apartment – fingers interlacing and scooting closer to each other, knowing that this was for forever. That feeling throughout the day was without comparison!wedding7wedding8wedding21wedding22wedding23wedding16wedding24

For those of you who are married, what was your favorite wedding day moment? Is there something that just sticks out and you know you’ll never ever forget that feeling? Let me know in the comments below! If you want to read more about our wedding details and our story, click here for some fun features we were in! Xo


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wedding Moments You Will Want To Remember

  1. Ashley Clark Fry says:

    YES!! Love this post!! Beautiful pictures!! And you’re so sweet… number 2!! WHO KNEW IT WOULD BE SO EMOTIONAL SEEING MY BEST FRIEND GETTING MARRIED!! BUT YES!! Sooo happy for you!! ❤ PS one of my favorite wedding moments was seeing my Micah when I walked down the aisle with my dad!! I still remember that moment vividly!! Such a special moment!! Looking forward to reading more posts on here!! 🙂


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