Easter Bunny Garland Activity For Kids

easter bunny wall garland diy activity for kidsI made this DIY Easter bunny garland activity with my toddler and she loved it! I shared how to create this DIY on my Instagram stories the other week and it was a huge hit with everyone. Making your own decor is so rewarding and sentimental, and your kids will love it even more knowing they helped make it with their favorite person.

This Easter bunny garland is an incredibly easy and a very fun activity for kids. My toddler did everything herself except cut out the bunny shapes and use the glue gun – I even let her do the glitter, knowing full well I would end up with a glittery mess afterward. Anything to create those magical memories while we’re staying at home!

Follow my tutorial on Insta if you’re a visual person, or go through the steps below for how to create this garland yourself 🙂

  • Cut out as many shapes in the construction paper as you need to spell your phrase. We chose bunnies, but you could do anything relating to Easter! A cross, carrot, bunny, flower, etc. I alternated with two different colors of paper and felts.
  • Tape your letters onto the cut out with the washi tape. We spelled out “EASTER.”
  • Choose your paint colors (sick to 3 max) and let your child dab the paint all over the bunny, alternating between colors. The goal is to completely cover the washi tape, so that when you pull it back, it reveals the letter.
  • Sprinkle some glitter over  the paint while it’s still wet, then let each cut out dry for about 10 minutes.
  • Carefully remove the washi tape off of the cut outs, to reveal your letters!
  • Place your cut out on top of the felt. Cut a border around the shape, leaving about a quarter inch margin.
  • Using leftover felt, cut out small squares, one for each letter. You will use this to secure the yarn to the backs of each cut out.
  • Hot glue the cut out to the felt. Repeat with each one until you’re done.
  • Space out the cut outs face down, to spell out your phrase. Lay a piece of yarn across the top 1/3 of the cut out for gluing.
  • Using a hot glue gun, drizzle a medium sized amount of hot glue onto the yarn, then quickly place a felt square over the glue to secure the yarn to the felt. I did about a half-dime sized drizzle. Watch my tutorial in my Instagram stories, if you need a visual 🙂
  • Now your garland is ready for hanging!

I taped her Easter bunny garland to her wall once we were done, with another banner we had on hand. This Easter bunny garland pairs perfectly with the Easter baskets on a budget I made for my girls!

Happy crafting! I would love to see if you make this with your kids 🙂 Upload a photo to stories or on your grid, and tag me on Instagram @theminiapartmentblog so I can share!

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