Baby Number Two

mom dad and baby at the beach

We already shared our big announcement last week with friends and family, just in time for Halloween  — so in case you missed it on social media, SURPRISE! We’re expecting our second baby, due in May 2019!!! We want to have three kids total, maaaaaybe four depending on what genders we get. John jokingly told me he’s afraid of being outnumbered if we have another girl, but that secretly he really enjoys being a girl dad and wouldn’t mind another daughter. 😉

We’ve had this idea for a long time that we wanted at least two of our kids to be close in age so they could grow up together as best friends and have someone to play with. When our next one is born, they will be 22 months apart! We can’t wait to meet him/her…and to find out if our baby is a him or a her!

The announcement: how we revealed our second pregnancy

I would have done something a bit more elaborate for our pregnancy announcement, but this time around I have had the worst case of nausea and fatigue! I didn’t experience those symptoms much at all when I was pregnant with izzy, so it was completely foreign to go through that. I was pretty much glued to the couch in my pj’s for most of my first trimester.

We are currently living with my mom right now to save money to buy a house, so hiding my growing belly from her was a laughable feat that I actually accomplished without her realizing I was pregnant! I’m talking loose and flowy tops, sucking in my tummy or hiding it in some way when she was around, and who the heck knows how she didn’t catch on during those days (and nights) I was super sick.

For our announcement idea, we planned to do it the week of Halloween right after our first ultrasound. So I made two cute letter board signs, and took izzy to the pumpkin patch to do a little photo shoot! We went a total of 4 times in like 2 weeks – anything to keep a busy toddler entertained! And pumpkins, a petting zoo, and a corn maze did the trick.

Witch Hat + Pumpkin Headband: Lule Bloom
Hey Boo tee: The EverCo.
Shoes: Rifle Paper Co Keds (white floral sold out, burgundy floral in stock)
Glitter tights: Target

On the day of our ultrasound, I found out I was actually 12 weeks 6 days pregnant which was surprising. I didn’t realize how far along we were! Our baby actually looks like a tiny baby in there rather than a little blob!

The day of the reveal for my mom, we bought balloons and set up the dining table with the ultrasound photo strip and the white sign, and scattered small pumpkins everywhere. When my mom got home from work that evening, she was shocked to say the least – she said she had zero idea I was pregnant (which still makes me laugh). Safe to say that our surprise reveal for baby number two was a success!

A week later we had our family over for a small party to do the same type of reveal, this time complete with cake and even more balloons (I just love using balloons for parties!!). I even got a cute little long sleeve shirt for izzy to wear that said “Best Sister” in colorful letters. Everyone was surprised, excited, and happy there would be another baby in the family.

fun second pregnancy facts

How far along am I?
I’m 15 weeks and 1 day in right now (according to my doctor’s notes) – a week into my second trimester. And of course this week I caught a stuffy nose and sore throat from izzy. Here’s to hoping the rest of my second trimester is much easier!
How big is the baby?
The size of an apple!
Belly showing yet?
Yes, it looks like I ate 2 burritos.
Due date?
May 1, 2019! We’ll see if it changes as the months go on!
Weight gain?
Unfortunately, yes already! The weight gain is the hardest part to embrace, for me. Since we became pregnant in early August, I’ve been gaining the pregnancy weight a lot quicker this time around – something I’ve been pretty self-conscious about to be honest. It’s such a struggle for me to not fit into things I was just wearing over the summer! Especially seeing all my pre-pregnancy clothes and not being able to wear them yet, and now everything else is getting a bit tight…sigh. Just one of the sacrifices of being pregnant 2 years in a row!
Is izzy aware there’s another baby coming?
Yes! We’ve been pointing to my belly and saying “there’s a baby in there!” so now when we ask “izzy, where’s mommy’s baby?” she points to my tummy. So we think she’s somewhat aware!
Morning sickness?
Unfortunately again, yes. I’ve had bad nausea during the entire first trimester! I wasn’t nauseous with my last pregnancy like at all! Definitely a foreign experience this time.
Nesting yet?
Ha, not even close. I can hardly put the laundry away after 2 days let alone nest!
I guess it’s easier because we’re living with my mom and we don’t have our own space to nest in.
Hunches about the gender?
Literally zero clue! It feels different this time around, but several of my friends who have same gender kids said their pregnancies were completely different – so it’s hard to tell what we’ll be having yet! When I was pregnant with izzy, I swore up and down we would be having a boy. Even until the last second right as our smoke bomb went off!
Cravings or aversions?
Definitely craving healthier, light, green foods this time around. With izzy I was craving taco bell like nobody’s business! This time, it’s all about salads and crunchy greens and light foods (as in no heavy carbs). Aversions to fried chicken.
Will we be doing another gender reveal?
Definitely! Last time we did a smoke bomb photo shoot, and this time we will be doing something just as fun. We will be having our gender ultrasound sometime in December, so we will find out around Christmastime!
Baby names picked?
Actually yes! We have a boy name and a girl name picked, first and middle. We will be sharing the official name once we find out the gender 😉

We also just had amazing family photos done by one of my sweet friends Monika from Of Dust And Light, I will be sharing those in my next blog post – but already have some sneak peeks scattered around the blog! Stay tuned for the full post on those photos, and my first bump update coming next week!



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