What Apartment Life Is Really Like

This is one of my favorite spaces in our mini apartment. Many months were spent in this corner reading books, having game nights with friends, facing challenges in our marriage, and taking naps with Izzy. It’s weird knowing that this is probably the last time we’ll live in an apartment, because our goal is to buy (or rent) a house at this time next year! And though I’m really excited for the possibility of buying our first home, there’s a small part of me that will be nostalgic for apartment life.

Friends, I’ve lived in 6 different apartments in the last 6 years in two different states. That’s a lot of moving, and a lot of roots to put down and pick back up again! There’s something so unique about apartment life that I’ve grown to embrace over the years. When I created my blog, the name “The Mini Apartment” seemed so fitting because I was in the middle of another move from one apartment to another. My blog theme was built around the concept of “a little space for a lot of life,” meaning although everywhere I’ve lived hasn’t had the biggest square footage, SO MUCH LIFE has been lived in each space.

All those walls of the countless places I’ve lived have seen me through the absolute best and total worst of seasons. They’ve given me a chance to explore my decor style, and intimately connect with countless friends. They’ve seen me make do and get creative with the space I had to paint and make things for my Etsy shop.  In an apartment, I experienced my first real winter and went sledding for the first time. The last apartment I lived in on my own before John and I got married was one where I cried and laughed and baked and had bachelorette nights with my first real group of solid girlfriends since high school. That apartment was also where my now husband and I exchanged “I love you’s” for the first time on my living room floor at 1am as we talked about our dreams and hopes for the future together.

Apartment life really teaches you to appreciate your circumstances, bloom where you’re planted, and practice self-discipline. It teaches you quality is more important than quantity, and forces you to get creative with your space. I’ve never been more content with where I’m at than when I’ve lived in a small space — surrounded by the curated things I love that remind me of the very best memories I’ve made over the years.

I will miss our current apartment particularly because it’s where we became a family of three and brought our first baby home. It’s where I made the decision to be a stay at home mom. It’s also where I decided I would go all in with my blog and get serious about writing! Each apartment I’ve lived in — 4 on my own, and 2 with John — has given me countless memories, new friendships, and so much to be thankful for. Each one holds a special place in my heart because each one was the beginning of a new season of life that offered different challenges, blessings, and growth.

Bright new beginnings are ahead again and we are so excited about this next chapter of our marriage! Now…off to pack the last of many, many moving boxes.

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4 thoughts on “What Apartment Life Is Really Like

  1. reiveson says:

    There definitely are so many benefits to living in smaller spaces! We have moved 6 times in our 10 year marriage spanning apartments, townhouses, rental homes, and now finally our own home! Those span 5 states but my husband has also lived in 3 additional locations! The key, as you said, is to bloom where you’re planted and make the most of it! Enjoy unpacking!

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